IIM Udaipur Presents the ‘Udaipur Amazing Race’

Start Date:2013-02-10
End Date:2013-02-10
Event Type:Intra-collegiate Race contest
Venue:Udaipur City

‘Potpourri’ – the IIMU Literary Society 

‘Codered’ – the IIMU Event Management Club

B-School Page URL:www.iimu.ac.in
B-School Exams List: CAT
Event Details:

IIM Udaipur will be hosting the Udaipur Amazing Race, a unique intra-collegiate contest on Sunday, 10th February where 10 student teams (having 2 members each) will have to traverse a given route around the city going through many of its most famous (and some not-so-famous) locations in the shortest time possible. Making things interesting will be the fact that the participants will have to carry out certain tasks at each of these locations (called pitstops) that will aid them in moving ahead of their competitors in the Race. There will be a total of 8 such pitstops along the way, covering a wide breadth of all that the city has to offer. The first team to arrive back at the Starting Spot after having covered the other pitstops will be declared the winners.

The major aim of the event is to give a chance for students to explore the numerous unique locations that the city of Udaipur has to offer while adding the element of a competition to the whole exercise. The organizers, which include ‘Potpourri’ – the IIMU Literary Society and ‘Codered’ – the IIMU Event Management Club will be videotaping the entire event and putting up an edited version of the entire Race on various online social media outlets. This will also provide a unique way for the city to promote its most attractive and unique locations to a younger audience who may not be familiar with its tourism heritage. Overall, the Udaipur Amazing Race will be a promotion for Udaipur’s great atmosphere and exciting locales.

IIM Udaipur’s Literary Society, Potpourri caters to a diverse field of activities, which include everything from quizzes to JAM and Late Night Movie Sessions. Their mission is address the students’ need to move beyond activities that go beyond the academic sphere. On the other hand, Codered is IIM Udaipur’s Event Management Club that undertakes organization of all major events on campus, such as the Freshers’ and Farewell Parties as well as gatherings during major festivals.