ISB Launches Propero, invites applications from start-up, growth stage entrepreneurs

Start Date:2012-02-24
End Date:2012-10-10
Event Type:Entrepreneurship event
Venue:ISB Hyderabad
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The Indian School of Business (ISB) today announced the launch of Propero, a unique initiative that provides a platform for start-up and growth stage entrepreneurs from all over India to raise equity or debt financing. The event, scheduled for February 24-25, 2012 at the ISB campus, will provide Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Bankers access to high quality, scalable business plans from various sectors.


  1. Invites applications (investment profiles) from start-up and growth stage entrepreneurs
  2. Entrepreneurs can pitch for up to 5 Crore of equity financing or 1 Crore of debt financing
  3. Over 40 leading investors (VCs/ Angels) and banks to participate 


Propero 2012 will build on the resounding success of the inaugural edition last year, where 30 leading investors such as Indian Angels Network, Mumbai Angels, Hyderabad Angels, Helion Ventures, Venture East, SIDBI ventures, Ojas Venture Partners, DFJ, Clear Stone, Indo US Ventures, Nexus ventures, Peepul Capital, Canaan Partners among others had participated.


Specifically, in Propero 2012 the investor community is being expanded to also include Banks who finance entrepreneurs through Credit Guarantee funds, apart from the Angels and VCs. Apart from 30+ VCs/ Angels, over 10 leading Banks including IDBI, Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, SBH, SBI, Union Bank have already confirmed their participation. Further, the platform is now open to the larger community of Indian entrepreneurs. Few of the leading Angel networks will be part of the mentoring the entrepreneurs. 


Propero 2012 is being jointly hosted by the ISB’s Centre for Entrepreneurship (WCED) and Centre for Investment. The Credit Guarantee Trust for MSME (CGTMSME), Government of India is the ‘Knowledge Partner’. 


Eligibility Criteria

To participate in Propero 2012, the venture MUST be:

  1. A registered business (not just an idea)
  2. Be an India-based registered entity
  3. Be in existence for at least 6 months as on December 20, 2011
  4. Be a venture with a clear-cut offering that is defensible
  5. Innovative in operations, product or service, or marketing
  6. Has gained some traction (customers, markets, prototype, etc.)



The last date for Entrepreneurs to submit their investment profiles is December 20, 2011. The final one-on-one presentations to the investors/ bankers will be held during February 24-25, 2012 at the ISB campus, Hyderabad. 


More information about ‘Propero 2012’ is available on


About Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development (WCED), ISB

WCED aims to enable enterprise creation and growth across the country by fostering the necessary social, cultural, and political context and framework conditions that not only create opportunities for but also builds the capacity for entrepreneurship. In order to achieve this one of the approaches that the center has adopted is to disseminate knowledge and connect ideas, practices, and people in the ecosystem through shared platforms. 


About the Centre for Investment, ISB

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