The Finance Club at SCMHRD organizes an annual summit , the theme "Foreign Exchange"

Start Date:2013-01-12
End Date:2013-01-12
Event Type:Finance summit
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  Finance Club at SCMHRD organizes an annual summit every year and this time, the theme is "Foreign Exchange" 


In today's highly volatile global economic scenario, Foreign Exchange Markets have greatly evolved. Currency has taken unprecedented importance as each country engages in imports and exports; which has today become a measure of the economic welfare and health of a country. 
Foreign Exchange is a global market for trading foreign currencies. The Bank of International Settlements estimates that average daily turnover in the FX Market is around $4 trillion.  It would be the world’s largest spread trading centre which runs 24 hours a day throughout all working days. Its wide spread makes it volatile and prone to many factors. FX trading has more than doubled since 2004. As can be seen, an exchange rate fluctuation today is so critical for an economy that countries need to hedge against the adversities rising out of such changes and become risk averse. 
The Summit will serve as a platform to share views on this burning issue!
The event will comprise mainly of the following 3 sections:
1) Speeches by our eminent guests
2) Panel Discussion by speakers
3) Research Paper presentations by students of top B-School
The Associate Sponsors for the Foreign Exchange Summit’13 are:

 The speakers are experts in their field and have ample industry experience to provide detailed industry insight about Risk modelling for Forex market, Hedging Strategies, External Fund Raising, currency trading and linkages with other financial markets and a host of other topics. 
Mentioned below is the list of eminent speakers at the Summit:
·  Mr. VK Sharma: Ex- ED, Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
·  Mr. U Venkataraman: CEO - Currency Derivatives  Segment and Whole Time  Director, MCX-SX
·   Dr. Mahendra Mehta: MD, NeuralTechSoft
·   Mr. Ashok Gautam: SVP & Head, Global Markets & Treasury, Axis Bank
·   Mr. Sujan Hajra: Chief Economist, ED, Institutional Equity, Anand Rathi
·   Mr. Abhishek Goenka, CEO, IndiaForex