B-School Placements faces the heat of economic meltdown

 | March 19,2012 11:11 am IST

The economic slowdown has certainly hit b-schools placements this year with many b-schools, even the leaders in the pack, are modifying their placement process to overcome the slowdown in recruitment of their students.


CoolAvenues earlier reported on how the meltdown had hit the b-schools placements with most of the b-schools still to wrap up the placement process.

B-schools are now looking ways to ensure that each and every student gets equal opportunities. To ensure this they are evenly distributing the available opportunities by putting a cap on maximum number of offers per student.


With offers from conventional sectors such as finance and investment banking drying up and consulting companies emerging as top recruiters, b-schools are also looking for new sectors such as e-commerce.


Spot offer system
Some b-schools also went for the spot offer system which means if a student has an offer in hand and bags another offer from a company then he should opt out of the placements in order to release the slot and save job losses.


IIM Calcutta and other leading b-schools last year allowed a student to bag multiple offers, however, this year; they brought in some restrictions to slender down their choices.

IIM-C had cut short the number of offers per student at two this year, against three-four offers in a normal year.


Added efforts
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Rohtak, which went for the final placement of its first batch of 47 students this year, took extra efforts to ensure jobs for its students.


Due to the current economic scenario, most companies have shortened their hiring plans. Thus adding a new campus under these circumstances was not planned even by the top recruiters.


XLRI, Jamshedpur, however, did not take any special measures to ensure placements of its students, but followed its policy of getting maximum domestic offers, which worked for its students, international market being the worst affected by the slowdown.


IIM Indore on the other side hired a placement consultancy to place its students; however it is yet to place 100% batch.



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