B-Schools Final Placement Blues

Editor - CoolAvenues | May 09,2012 04:18 pm IST

The placement blues seems to be haunting b-schools this season with many leading b-school unable to release their official placement report even till the second week of May. Unlike the usual, a number of good b-schools have not come out with their official placement report, which used to be out by the fourth week of March till next year.

The situation was not that grave even in 2002 when economic slowdown had hit the world.


In 2002, as a part of Business Today CoolAvenues B-School placement survey BT published a story Annus Horribilis which said, 2002 is easily the worst placement season that India's top B-schools have seen in recent times. This time too the situation looks similar. A leading MBA college in Mumbai that only admits top engineers has not come out with an official placement report yet. Another leading executive MBA college in Hyderabad is yet to publish their final placement report 2012.


The situation is no different at the prestigious IIMs. One of the six members of the IIM family (older ones) has not been able to place their students so far. Reason could be the slowdown in economy or loosing sheen of MBA degree.


The BT report stated, As soon as you land up in a B-school, one of the first things you will be taught is the importance of corporate transparency and disclosure. Post Enron, the emphasis will be greater. But that, like most other things taught at B-schools, is only theory. For example, try comparing the placement data provided by an IIM with that of, say, Wharton Business School. The IIM's report will read like Enron's balance sheet: it will hide more than it reveals. But Wharton will bare all, and also slice and dice data for you every which way. In fact, few Indian B-schools provide placement data on their websites. Ask them why, and they'll say ''it's confidential''.huh!


B-schools certainly are playing safe on the name of confidentiality. The intention is crystal clearb-schools want to lure MBA aspirants and the process does not start and end with placements but with admission process. Every year we get to hear from number of MBA applicants that despite scoring 99+ percentile they did not get a call from an IIM. The normalization process and psychometric scoring in CAT itself is a matter of confusion among aspirants. Though the weightages assigned to various aspects of admission is revealed in advance by each IIM every year, it still remains non-understandable by a number of aspirants.






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