B-Schools most preferred by recruiters

Editor - CoolAvenues | June 25,2012 10:58 am IST

Placements are one of the key factors considered by aspirants while seeking admission in a B-School. It is one important criterion on which popularity of a b-school depends.


Here in this article we are featuring some b-schools that saw maximum number of recruiters coming in during final placements 2012 and 2011.


IIM Ahmedabad
As many as 120 recruiters visited IIM Ahmedabad campus during placements 2012. The total number of recruiters registering for final placements was the same last year too. The batch size (2009-11) was 314 students.


IIM Bangalore
Given the tough economic scenario IIM B registered 126 recruiters during final placements 2012, while the number was little higher last year with 135 recruiters. 363 students participated in final placements 2012 at IIM B.


IIM Calcutta
The total number of recruiters at IIM Calcutta dropped from 138 last year to 83 during final placements 2012. A total of 352 students participated in placements 2012 to seek managerial roles in their dream companies.


IIM Indore
Despite various controversies and uneventful things that happened inside IIM I campus, the school managed to register 138 recruiters during final placements 2012. It was a jump of 38 more recruiters coming in from that of last year. The batch size was the largest among IIMs with 425 students seeking placements during campus hiring.


IIM Kozhikode
Steady and well poised, IIM K is certainly emerging as of the favorite destinations for MBA education in India. The school registered as many as 135 total numbers of recruiters during final placements 2012. The number was 110 last year. Total number of students who sat for placements 2012 was 317.


IIM Lucknow
IIM L registered maximum number of recruiters during final placements 2012. Total number of recruiters this year was 213 who made offers to a batch of 389 students. In 2011, 206 total numbers of recruiters came in to hire graduates.


FMS Delhi
Despite the economic turmoil FMS Delhi maintained its status as of the best b-schools in India where companies come to hire the best of talent for managerial positions. A total number of 127 recruiters came to hire 2010-12 graduates. Figures did not change much this year as the total number of recruiters in 2011 was 124.


JBIMS Mumbai
Often referred to as CEO factory, JBIMS Mumbai saw 95 recruiters coming in to hire a batch of 120 students during final placements 2012. The total number of recruiters in 2011 was 103.


IIFT Delhi
Another leading b-school of India, known for specialization in international business, IIFT Delhi registered 86 recruiters this placement season. The number was little higher last year with 96 recruiters registering to hire students.


Known for the quality of peer group, SPJIMR Mumbai attracted as many as 81 recruiters this placement season. During 2011 final placements 78 recruiters came in for hiring.


The article is based on findings of CoolAvenues B-School Placement Survey 2011 & 2012.




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