IIM Ahmedabad Summer Placements 2011-13: Cluster 2 sees highest offers from Microsoft

 | November 15,2011 10:17 am IST

IIM Ahmedabad had started its Cluster 2  of Summer placements process on November 13th with the group discussion process. Firms conducted interviews and extended offers to students on 14th November.

This comprised of cohorts including FMCG marketing, business development and strategy, Indian banking, general management, and venture capital and investment management firms.

More than 35 companies conducted interviews in Cluster 2, which included regular recruiters like HUL, P&G, Microsoft, TAS, Citibank, Reliance Industries Limited and Edelweiss Capital. There were first time recruiters like SAP, which hired interns for projects in corporate strategy, reporting directly to CXOs.
Google, a regular recruiter for our final placement process, also hired IIM-A students for their internship program this year. Another first time recruiter, Groupon also recruited for business development and strategy functions.

Technology firms picked up a significant number of interns today and offered them a variety of roles.
Amazon came with roles in supply chain management, Microsoft offered roles in program management and marketing whereas Google was hiring for projects in sales and marketing. Microsoft made the highest number of offers today. According to a senior executive from Microsoft, “I was very impressed with how well the entire process was organized. The students were well-equipped to handle the interview process and we hope to be back again next year.”

The consumer goods marketing cohort formed a major portion of this cluster. Indian conglomerate, ITC, picked up interns for their sales and marketing function. Sajiv Nair, Manager Corporate HR, said, “It’s been a great summer placement season at IIM-A. We are happy with the way the process was handled. It was efficient and well-planned. We look forward to strengthening our relationship in the years ahead.”

Richa Ambast, doctoral student specialising in Organisational Behaviour, also participated in the placement process this year. She felt that the process is very well coordinated by the seniors and is flexible so that the system allows for doctoral students to participate in the process. She felt, “The placement process leads to a mixed bag of feelings but in the end it is all worth it.


It makes us assess our capabilities to work towards perfection and perform better under stressful situations!”The next Cluster is scheduled for November 17.




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neetu on 11/18/11 at 11:17 am

Great News. It shows that recession does not affect the placement process and companies are happy to recruit