ISB Hyderabad Placements 2011 concludes with 83 offers by 73 companies at locations across the globe

 | April 06,2011 05:45 pm IST

The Indian School of Business (ISB) announced the results of placements for the Class of 2011. The Placement season, based on ISB’s pioneering ‘Rolling Placements process’, was one marked with a mood of confidence and buoyancy.

The Class of 2011, comprising students from diverse backgrounds and work experience ranging from 2 years to 24 years, secured the highest ever number of offers across an array of industries, functions and geographies. This year, 310 companies made 661 offers to the students, many of which were senior management positions, both nationally and internationally. The year also witnessed an overall rise in compensation levels over the last year, across industries and functions.


Some of the key highlights and trends of the placement season:
1- Increase in number of Offers :  This year ISB witnessed an overall increase in the number of offers by 22% over last year. The number of domestic offers increased by 19%, and that of international offers by 35% over last year. More number of offers were made per company, reflecting the revival in the economy and the fact that companies are now in expansion mode.

2- Rise in average Compensation level : This year witnessed an overall rise in CTC levels across industry segments and functions over the last year. The average outgoing compensation was 2.3 times the average incoming compensation.

3- Marked growth in International offers and locations: Both international and domestic companies hired ISB students for international locations, in key positions. There was a 35% increase in International offers, with 83 offers being made by 73 companies, from 19 cities across the globe including Middle-East, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America.

4- Major Sectors: The leading sectors for this placements season were Consulting (32%), IT/ITES (21%), and Banks & Financial Institutions (12%). The offers from the Consulting sector doubled as compared to last year.

5- Alumni Recruiters: The current placement season interestingly saw hiring by ISB alums as well. Orkash – a strategic consulting company and Loyalty Rewardz- a customer rewards company hired 8 students in all. Apart from these, there are several others who have hired fellow alums or are working together as business partners. The ISB alumni network comprises over 150 entrepreneurs.

6- Student Entrepreneurs: 5 students from the Class of 2011 opted out of the placements process and enrolled into the Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (EDI). They have chosen to start their own ventures in the areas of tourism, customised mobile manufacturing, learning and development using Indian Mythology, Retail, and Mobile application technology. Around 25 such ventures are in various stages of incubation at the Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurial Development since two years of starting this initiative.


552 students Of the 569 students of the Class of 2011participated in the rolling placement process, that kicked-off in January this year. The system is a lateral hiring process that is spread over several months designed to give the best fit to both the students and the recruiters. Students get time to meet people, understand the company and the role in detail. Recruiters are also keen to spend time with students especially when they are recruiting for senior roles. The successful placements at the ISB year on year are a proof of the acceptance of this concept by the industry.


With the passing of the Class of 2011, the ISB now has 3500+ alumni spread across 25 countries working in senior and leadership positions across the globe, and running their own ventures. The ISB Alumni Association comprises 7 domestic chapters and 4 overseas chapters.


  • Highest ever number of offers - 22% increase over last year
  • 35% growth in international offers
  • ISB Alumni Companies recruit from campus
  • Overall rise in CTC levels across industries and functions
  • Average outgoing CTC 2.3 times average incoming CTC






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Hyderabad jobs on 04/07/11 at 02:15 am

Its good to know the statistics of ISB placements in the year 2011. Thanks!