Placements 2011 extends indefinitely at IIM Ahmedabad

 | May 02,2011 10:31 am IST

The campus placements at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad seem to be the longest ever this year. It is for the first time in the history of this premier management institute that placements had gone beyond the annual convocation, which was held on March 26.



If official sources are to be believed, there is just one student left to be placed who has “specific profile and location preferences”. “There are enough of job offers for this particular student, but he has his own career choices,” said Prof Saral Mukherjee, faculty and placement committee chairperson at IIM-A. “IIM-A is providing all kind of infrastructural support to this student, but at the end of the day IIM-A is not a placement agency,” added he.

According to Prof Mukherjee, “The placements were much better this year and there were many job offers."


The final placement process at IIM-A began on February 12 as a cohort based placement process—spread across four cohorts after which it was converted into a rolling process.


Prof Mukherjee said, "Placements will continue till three months after graduation or till all students are placed after which we will release final details of placements.”


Also 12 students of the post-graduate programme in management for executives (PGPX) are yet to be placed. “You look at the placement data of top b-schools overseas and you will know that the placement for executives continue till three months after graduation and it is not just a case with IIM-A alone,” asserts Prof Mukherjee.


According to a formal PGP placement release, IIM-A will be releasing placement statistics within 3 months of convocation. The report will be as per the Placement Reporting Standards proposed this year by IIM-A.






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Pratiksha on 05/02/11 at 01:58 pm

its really nice visiting IIM