Placement Highlights from IIMs

 | April 10,2010 07:32 am IST

IIM Ahmedabad

Placements at IIM Ahmedabad continued to show growing preference for Indian firms & locations. The increasingly attractive roles and packages offered by Indian firms have led to a larger number of students opting for Indian companies over MNCs offering comparable salaries and roles.

A significant portion of the IIM-A batch (more than 65% or 161 students) had been placed or had opted out by the end of the much-coveted Slot Zero of placements.

Even though the geographical distribution of offers extended by the firms remains the same, students at IIM-A have shown a distinctive trend to work in the emerging market economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Consulting major Monitor Group made its first appearance at the process and had 9 acceptances. Monitor Group recruited exclusively from IIM-A across all business schools in Asia. Among the private equity players, Greater Pacific Capital and Carlyle Group also chose to recruit solely from IIM-A.

Sectors such as real estate, media, hedge funds, industrial marketing, among others made a debut on campus this year.

Despite the grim situation in international financial markets, a total of 113 (approximately 44%) students out of a Batch of 255 will be joining the financial sector this year.

11 talented young people opted out of the placement system to start their own ventures. IIM Ahmedabad is also playing a part in promoting this trend; the institute recently came up with the policy of a 'placement holiday', which allows graduating students, who choose entrepreneurship as a career, the option to sit for the institutes' placement process for two years after passing out from the institute.

IIM Bangalore

37% of the Batch chooses consulting career at IIM Bangalore final placements.

McKinsey & Co. was the single largest recruiter among the consulting firms in this year's placement, inducting 15 IIM-B students in its fold.

International firms like Blackstone Group, Oliver Wyman, ING Asia, PRTM Consulting, Deutsche Bank Corporate Finance, Aloe Group, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Lebua Hotels visited the IIM-B campus for the first time.

IIM-B created history this time with 133 students internationally placed out of the Batch of 256, that is, more than 50% of the batch, taking up offers from Slot Zero firms; a statistic unmatched across the IIMs.

Several companies descended to IIM-B alone for the Placement process, including Barclays Capital, Lehman IBD, BNP Paribas, Blackstone Group, and UAE Exchange.

IIM Calcutta

For IIM Calcuta, the highest $ salary is USD 340,000 (INR 1.36 Crore) this year, so there is an increase against USD $ 250,000 last year.

The participation of firms on campus crossed the 100 mark again this year with around 107 companies making a bee-line to hire from IIM Calcutta.

22 new companies flock to IIM Calcutta during final placements. Some of the firms coming for the first time include o3 Capital, Dawnaday, Ocean Oil, Lodha Group, Anand Rathi and Opera Solutions.

IIM Calcutta leveraged its brand equity in the finance domain with 34% of the batch opting for jobs in the financial sector.

India still remained the preferred destination for a majority of IIM-C students with many choosing to stay here and participate in the great Indian growth story.

IIM Lucknow

This year, the institute yet again decided NOT to disclose salary figures and emphasized that it is being highly appreciated by the recruiters, students and society at large.

The stand-out achievement was the number of I-Banks that participated in the process this year, marking IIM Lucknow as a recruitment hub for the investment banks, brokerage houses and trading firms. Enam Securities, Kotak Securities, ICICI Securities, Avendus Advisors, Edelweiss Capital, Angel Broking and O3 Capital were such firms that chose IIM-L.

More than 6 students are embarking on their own endeavors in various sectors such as financial services, hospitality, etc.

IIM Kozhikode

The highest international salary recorded at IIM-K took a phenomenal 60% jump, capping at USD 175,000 per annum.

45 new firms initiated a recruiting relationship with IIM-K this year.

International placements touched new heights with Arthur D. Little, Dresdner Kleinwort, KPMG, Microsoft, Olam International, Oliver Wyman, OCBC Bank and Reuters participating in placements for the first time, with global roles across a diverse set of geographies up for grabs.

About 20% of the batch elected to accept slightly lesser paying roles out of the multiple offers available to them, choosing role over pay.

The Banking & Financial Services sector remained a strong favorite among students and saw a significant jump in activity this year with 36% of the batch being offered plum roles at top corporations.

Accenture Business Consulting made the highest number of offers across campuses at IIM-K.

Bank of America PAG recruited exclusively from IIM-K.

IIM Indore

Two students of IIM-Indore initiated a business venture of their own and have founded - an innovative website that provides visitors a chance to participate in a collaborative book writing project, and get recognized as co-authors of the final book published.

Banking and Financial Services, being a hot favorite of the batch of 2008, clearly stole the show accounting for nearly half of the accepted offers.

Over 30 new firms participated in the placement process at IIM Indore this year.

The top 50 offers have an average of nearly INR 18 Lakhs per annum.