Placement Season is here!!!!

Editor - CoolAvenues | November 15,2012 12:20 pm IST

So placement season is here..

. The most important season in the b-school calendar Every man for himself season, the make or break season

I went through this season last year and today I am once again here to share what I learnt in this article I will share a few pointers  
1.     Resume /CV: A very important part of your repertoire. Typically the b-schools CVs are only of 1 page or at max 2 pages, so one need to make the best of it.  
a.    Showcase the best part of your professional journey at the first part of your CV, For people having work ex it should be about what you did, what you gained in terms of skills , knowledge , try highlight the managerial or team leading activities you performed during your work ex.
b.    Also in second part share what you did in summers/live projects, what was your project all about, what you did; what were the major issues you identified and what suggestions you made. Most people write like I studied this and then did some research, finally made recommendations, but never covered what was your project about, how you contributed and what you gained out of it.
c.     People can also share about their academic projects which actually show their inclination towards a specific domain such as finance or marketing.
2.     Group Discussion :
a.    Listening : A very important skill in a GD , especially when you dont have enough knowledge about a topic , listen to others try and related to what you know and contribute
b.    Voice Modulation: A very important part , whenever you want to enter a GD , speak at a louder volume and so that people notice you , then tone down a bit and speak at a regular pace and volume , remember its about grabbing attention initially and then making them understand what you are saying
c.     Body Language : Its good to be a good orator but its a discussion , so be positive with your body language , when others are speaking trying and show interest , its should not be that once you say your point , you dont concentrate any more , be attentive and be involved in the discussion . 55% of a conversation is conveyed through expressions , 38% on the tonality and only 7% of the words you actually speak
d.    Controlled hand movements also come out positively while explaining a point
e.    Think differently: No GD is about discussing the facts on a topic like FDI in retail, you are not there to restate what you have read in the newspapers but you have to give your own ideas, about what you think are the merits and demerits, how do u see the future of FDI in retail in India. Have opinions about things and ideas (may be how to implement) about it. 
f.      So whenever you read a good topic 'possible GD topic' be sure to not just read it but also think about, make some opinions about it and if possible discuss it with your friends, colleagues, parents anybody you can get hold of.

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