'I found myself evolved after summer internship'

 | July 26,2012 05:08 pm IST

Doing internship in a reputed firm or in any prominent technical institute is always a matter of deep interest and proud for any individual, especially in 2nd year of their undergraduate program. It not only put yours technical and entrepreneurial skills to test but also opened new gateways of knowledge and wisdom.

I consider myself fortunate to have 7 internship opportunities in my hand in both India and abroad of different domain including marketing, research & industrial trainee; I choose 3 options with geography and time constraints.

I began the expedition with a marketing intern in one of the leading firm named Laptopwale.com, Bangalore. Laptopwale as the name suggest is the specialized retailer for Laptops, Tablets, Netbooks and Laptop accessories online. Accessible to individual customers Laptopwale grant its services by providing affordable deals to various educational institutions and SMEs across India. I got worldly exposure under guidance of my mentor, COO and founder of Laptopwale.com Mr. Hari Rastogi. Working in developing strategies for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), analyzed search engines work structures and it was interesting to observe analogy between Real World and Online website world. Also, being part of Marketing team was responsible for handling clients mainly colleges in major cities like Bangalore. It was wonderful experience to learn human psychology, test out communication and convincing skills, tackle numerous difficulties put in front without losing my patience & temperament and came up with appropriate solutions.


It provided me propitious fortuity to put myself in other shoes and analyze a consumer mind. I gain hand-on experience in another competitive firm, Concept Enviro Chem Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, an Engineering company offering various products and services in Environment Management and Pollution Control field. Mr. RL Dad, founder and CEO of the firm, gave me many assignments and past case studies that helped a lot in developing interest in this discipline of chemical engineering. Focusing on sewage treatment plants and pollution control measure, I got deep insight about technical and financial aspects of current environment sustainability and pollution control. Extensive summary of pollution and water quality of river Ganga and critical analysis of projects been carried out for its purification generated awareness and zeal among me towards national issues. In managing workload of both interns, my qualities of serenity, sincerity, dedication, focus, and behaviour were scrutinized. As time passes by I observed growing changes in my attitude and approach. Apart from doing just HARD WORK, my method to meet laid goals was changed to SMART WORK.

At that moment I was unaware of the fact that real arduous challenges were waiting for me on opposite side of river when 3rd intern came into existence. It was a research project under Prof. Ashok Bhaskarwar, HOD, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi. Subject of my research project was Augmentation of enhanced heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids. After performing series of experiments in laboratory, heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids was observed. Critical investigations of past researches were done and on basis of available resources, a simplified experimental setup was proposed for measuring heat transfer coefficient of fluids.


It was under Prof. Bhaskarwar guidance I explored the unfathomed aspects of research and found out the huge gap between academia and industries. It was very interesting for me to discover how these research developments can solve industrial menace that hinder Indias vision to become a superpower. In my work under Bhaskarwar sir, I perceived that the performance of conventional heat transfer fluids namely water, minerals oil and ethylene glycol is often limited by their low thermal conductivities. These agents play vital role in power generation, chemical production, air-conditioning, transportation and microelectronics. Driven by their industrial needs of process intensification and device miniaturization, enhanced heat transfer capacity of nanofluids was witnessed. Through earlier investigation it had been brought into notice that the use of nano size solid particles as an additive suspended into the base fluid (nanofluids) is a technique for the enhancement of heat transfer. Besides enhanced heat transfer, it is also found that the nanofluids eliminate most of the problems arising with micro size slurries like sedimentation, clogging of small channels, erosion, excessive pressure drop, etc. Thus, nanofluids have greater potential for heat transfer enhancement and are highly suited to application, in practical heat transfer processes. Thorough analysis of TiO2 nanofluid was done and enhancement characteristics were experimentally verified.

With these entire 3 interns around it was matter of time management and perseverance to keep myself motivating and gave me chance to handle in between these daunting tasks effectively. Before assimilating myself in these organizations, my view for intern used to be gaining knowledge and personality development. But after this summer intern I found myself evolved and gradually opened my mind to all recent developments in these domains. Getting a certificate and having a written endorsement about your work had become materialistic things and through my experience I feel the personal relation and cognizance of real-time challenges transform any individual.