Ending was happy one! Summer Experience of IBS Hyderabad Student

 | July 30,2012 04:42 pm IST

Well, what first comes into our mind when we think of the term INTERN?? The official meaning says gaining experience for better qualificationBut as we all know it goes way beyond this definition. I began with walking into the famous area of Hyderabad: Hi-Tech city taking me to HEWLETT PACKARD INDIA SALES PVT LTD.

A very good starting with a giant office building and serving me with the coffee cup and later on discussing the entire program with my company head. Sales, as we all know requires travelling, without this its incomplete which took me into the mission of my project: B2B Marketing and analysing the customer satisfaction of the HP partners.


So from the next day, for almost 6 hours I was on phone calling the partners and implementing the basic step which is very usual i.e. questionnaires. Trust me, I had to hear wonderful screams and bad words of the unsatisfied partners & customers in that 40 degrees of temperature. But as we say, Where there is a will, there is a way, carrying this intention I somehow completed that long database given to me. The good thing, I became an expert in handling all the various moods of the people on phone at least!!! And the lesson learnt, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!


Surabhi IBS HyderabadSecond task, visiting the customers and partners and also making new partners by a partner recruitment drive in that sunny afternoon was again a tiring experience. But no other options, took my umbrella and did the paperwork. A very good thing happened, I got to visit some of the very potential partners and customers who not only gave me information but welcomed me with snacks and respect!! Now thats called a bon rendezvous.


While penning down the responses, I was attached to the problems they were facing and took a decision to bring into notice all of them into the eyes of my company head. And guess what, I was appreciated for that. During all these activities, I hardly got any time for myself but only till Friday. On weekends, I used to go and party like anything and then comes the super awesome day of the week, Monday. Starting with a coffee, I took down the area which I had to visit that day: Banjara hills, hi tech city and Jublee hills. Well, no sun lotion works in that period of March- May. At last I completed all the travelling part and then the next task is ready.


So, moving on now I had to go to the biggest IT market in the city for which I had to travel all my way to Secunderabad. I was amazed to see such a big crowd and so many shops all selling electronic items. I went shop to shop for meeting the partners and convincing the New ones to be a partner for HP. This was very tiring and it took me the whole evening to finish the work.


Finally, the analysis part was ready and I made the report which was further continued with an official presentation in the perfect formals I was wearing that day. Boss impressed and a chance to continue with them in the future, what else I could wish for. With all the good and the bad of this summer, the ending was a happy one!!!! Now the Wikipedia definition of the so-called word INTERN was changed entirely for me and I was heading towards a completely different mind-set for the future.