It was a wholesome experience: Summer Experience of an XLRI Student

 | July 27,2012 05:19 pm IST

They say that summer internship is a path-changer of B-school juntas life. How true these words are, I realize today.

The internship experience was my first step into the corporate world. A lot had I heard about this world, but now was the time to experience it real-time. I got selected for Talent profile at Deloitte, USI.


With all high hopes and immense excitement, I embarked on the two-month journey to Hyderabad. Day 1 and Day 2 were the orientation days wherein we were introduced to the organizationalstructure, systems and culture of the company. This may sound pretty regular but there was a surprise element to all this too. Deloitte made us feel important by gifting us visiting cards and our personalized name engraved pens. Apart from being a self-esteem booster, the amazing part about these visiting cards was the huge discounts we got at most restaurants, parlours, tourist sites, apparel shops!


Then gradually from the third day we were assimilated into our respective teams. In this two month stint, we were expected to work on three projects: team project, book review and primary project. The tea

m project helped gain an overall industry perspective after interacting with many HR professionals. It also helped us interact with interns from other B-schools that were a part of the team. Next

 came the turn of the book review. All of the 19 Talent interns were handed over a management book. It was interesting to see how differently and creatively we interpreted the same things. In fact this exercise proved to satiate the zest of an avid reader. And then finally for the last one month, we focused on our primary project. While the team project aimed at imparting overall industry knowledge, the primary project was more detail-oriented. To help me overcome these hurdles were my mentor and buddies. They were very humble people truly committed to their work. They helped me understand every detail of my work.


Leave alone the serious part; the internship program had a lot more to offer. Every week we had Leaders Speak sessions wherein the intern got the opportunity to have candid discussions with the leadership. We also had Yam Jam sessions where we all shared our ideas on thought-provoking topics initiated by the leadership. April to June was the best time to intern with this company. We, interns, got to attend the companys massive annual festival- Unplug. A stadium had to be booked to accommodate the entire strength of the company. KKs booming voice under the shade of the moonlight was a night to remember.

Deloitte as a Firm thrives on its strong culture. In my short stay of 8 weeks, I could experience this and appreciate many facets of it. One thing that was a new experience for me was the importance placed on networking. For me and many like me, this is quite a task. Having said this, I agree that networking is a reality in todays corporate world and one has to learn it. The culture at Deloitte also reinforced in my mind the fact that one needs to strike a fine balance between respecting ones seniors and giving a healthy challenge where one has strong perspectives. One thing I liked about Deloitte is the acceptance of diversity of thought while the emphasis on networking takes time to understand and accept.

Apart from office, there was another fun element and that was the city of Hyderabad. We all must have heard something or the other about this magnificent city but one must experience to know how welcoming this city is. The most important thing that Hyderabad gave me was two amazing friends. The three of us had a gala time knowing the historic city of Hyderabad during the day and the partying culture of Hyderabad at night! Hyderabadi Hindi added to this gala affair. The only nightmare was the autowallas. They never failed to amaze you with how their words changed from the starting point to the destination. They were certainly not men of great honour.


This sums up my two month stint with Deloitte. I must say that it was a wholesome experience wherein I got the opportunity to be well acquainted with the field where I will be beginning my career in the coming years. It was also an opportunity to see a new place and meet the best minds of the country.