Make hay whenever the sunshines: Summer Experience of an IIM Rohtak Grad

 | July 31,2012 10:54 am IST

I was so excited to go to Hosur for my internship in TVS Motors. I always had a feeling that I am going back to my own place and company.

I did not expect any new surprise awaiting me in the company. But all my assumptions were proved wrong time and again right from the very first day. TVS Motors had a lot of new things to offer me in terms of learning, people, culture and every aspect possible.


Initial few days in the company were spent on knowing the people around, visiting the plants to understand the processes involved in production of different vehicles, understanding the functions of business planning (the functional in which I did my project), etc. The next week I started working on my project in the area of strategy and marketing. The project geared up with field visits surveying dealers and customers across cities. The experience was very insightful and highly useful for the project specifically and to have a firsthand information about the needs, attitude, perceptions and behavior of the customers.

The phase of exploration in the name of field visits was followed by data collection. It involved collecting information from various departments in the company and external consulting agencies as well. When the data requirements were listed down during the initial planning stages of the project, data collection did not seem to be such a herculean task. But later it helped me learn and experience all possible ways of not getting access to required data. It taught the art of approaching and persuading people to spend some valuable time for my project amidst their busy schedule.


Though data collection was a tedious task, it gave me many valuable opportunities to interact with people in different functional areas. I was able to interact with top level people in Sales and New Product Development (NPD) and gain indepth knowledge about the fields (out of my own interest). Actually the data required for the project from those fields was not very huge and could have been obtained through indirect sources. But meetings and discussions with those people helped a lot to learn many new things in sales and NPD.


Next part of the project involved analysis of data. It was the time when I realized data analysis done by us in class rooms were not difficult at all as we assumed. The real challenge was to do it in a real-time scenario where all the information or data needed to solve a problem will not be made available to us. Our very own SPSS helped in performing many statistical analyses. In addition to that, few more tools were needed for performing the data analysis. Learning them was really educating and interesting. These tools equipped me well to perform the analysis effectively.


The most important process in the project was periodical reviews with the mentor and guide. Those reviews helped to hone my thought process, analyzing abilities and demanded and encouraged the habit of looking at things from a new dimension. Whenever the insights were presented, questions raised by them kindled to work for better solutions and deliver the best results possible.


The key take-aways from this internship was that learning is a never-ending process and will happen only when we make relentless efforts with interest. Opportunities will not come and knock our door always. It is up to us to convert every chance given into a valuable opportunity. To put it simple, make hay whenever the sun shines.