My Summer Internship Experience was a Happy Ending

 | July 30,2012 05:31 pm IST

It is not only about work but in fact it was about helpful peers, cool mentors, flexible timing, grilling bus travel, attraction with opposite sex, arguments with colleague so in all it was a 2nd inning of this 1st inning life.

It is always said that a human always remember his first kiss, first salary & first date, but an MBA always remembers his first job, first company & first boss & even the taste of the first tea at the office.

Before my Internship whenever I had gone, I always represented my family first, but on the very first day at Bank of Baroda, I suddenly realized that here for the first time in my life I am not representing my family, I am representing my college, the college which has transformed my thought, but by the evening when I leave the office I again realized that while in the morning I was representing my college but now it is the Bank, which I am representing and will be representing for the next 2 months.

Management says marginal utility for anything initially raises then gradually declines, but here even after the 38th day of the internship my marginal utility for the work kept increasing day by day, because it is not the about work or learning but the atmosphere an atmosphere of warm feelings, empathy for the colleague, friendship of a clerk which in not common in a public sector enterprise , where we always think that they(employees) are full of dumb and insensitive people, but here I was wrong.

Management also says that people respond to incentives and generally it is monetary incentive and here at BOB people responds but to incentives. The working starts with government office timings of 10 AM but it ends with private enterprise timing of 8.30 PM, it seemed like government salary & private sector work.

One thing which I always thought that every listed company work for profit but here profit is the second thing; it is service, service to fellow Indian whether it is on giving concessional loans or priority sector lending. They said that a human learns every movement but they forget that it is the intensity of the learning that counts. In the last 1 and a half month I had learn not only finance but also psychology, human behavior. Terms like employee engagement, motivation, and Target achievement are very common in professionally managed enterprises but at BOB even a non MBA manager or an officer of a PSU do not hesitate in using these so called MBA jargons. Summer internship at BOB started with a quarrel with the fellow employees, negative perception about government employees but today that fracas has turned in to a lifelong friendship.

To sum it up the whole internship at BOB is not only about work in fact, it was a short new life of 2 months a life which started with fracas, negative perception, fear, work, long grilling bus travel, a little stipend, free Tea but ended with hope, fun, and as a Hindi movie climax had an happy ending with a great farewell.