Poor Structure of Policies for Employees: Summer Experience of Student of a Leading B-School

 | July 27,2012 04:44 pm IST

The excitement that I enjoyed between the period of getting selected into a bank and joining was about to materialize in few hours. The smile kept coming on my face, whenever I recalled my batch-mates calling me Banker.

My emotions of joy were not less than those of a groom getting married to his childhood girlfriend of different caste after persuading his traditional caste-oriented parents.
With those emotions, I reached at my reporting location in Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. My formal suit made me feel even more confident.


Dreams of being at the corporate head levels start flashing through my eyes. Summer interns from other B-schools also started gathering at the entrance. By the time, it became too crowded outside the gate, it was already 10 am & no one from company had come to receive us. There was no arrangement for us to sit and we kept standing outside the gate. Later, we were told that we have to directly report to our allotted departments. A thought passed my mind, oh, this is a bank; they must be very serious about work, so from day one, we are to report in our respective departments. That is why bankers are paid heavily for their hard-work. But then, it gave me an absurd feeling that we are not going to have induction, which is supposed to be the best platform for all of us to interact, to know about the essential company policies, rules to be adhered to. At least, induction for one day could have been arranged for the same.

But this was not enough. I heard from one of the summer interns that his guide doesnt even know what summer internship is and that he was going to report to him. There was a huge process that we have to go through before entering into the building. On one side, it would look that all this is essential for a financial firm, but does it sound normal that there was not even a single representative from the organization to help make this process smooth? Still, my passion for banking overlooked all that was happening.

When I met my mentor, I was thrilled by his knowledge of finance & economics. They looked like visionaries of Indian economy. In just half an hour of our discussion, I was sure that next two months are going to be a good learning experience for me. I started working from day one, project was allotted, and scope was discussed & defined. But another issue popped up. There was no place for us to accommodate. I was wondering whether the company knew if summer interns were coming today. There had been no logistics arrangements for interns. The computers that were provided to us were older than oldest computer I had ever seen with specifications of late 1990s. It had been two weeks & I was not able to deliver anything because of resource constraints. There was a big learning in this entire process. I actually learnt that with resources, may be most of the people can deliver, but if you can still deliver the same output without resources, it means you are fit for a bankers job.

I met many wonderful people during my stint at the organization. I had probably one of the most memorable times of my life. One thing I found out about the employees of this organization was that despite their overloaded banking job, they remain cheerful. Each one of them helped me to their extent possible, whenever I needed their guidance in any area. My guide was very approachable. This removed one stamped thought from my mind that corporate world is filled with selfish people, who engage in pulling your leg down. The corporate image got a little cleaner in my mind.

Well, the days passed by & we were eagerly waiting to see our accounts to get credited for the first time in our life. Our eyes started shining with the hopes & plans for party. But surprises were not over yet. We called up the HR department to confirm the arrival time of good news. We were told that there is long process to get stipend and it will take 20 days to process. And we were dumbstruck. Why could they not tell us in advance about the process, so that we could have initiated it earlier? Staying in Mumbai was not cheap and many of us were relying on our first stipend to pay for rents & other expenditures. This was another face of the policies designed at one of the reputed banks of India.

This time, I started to have a mixed kind of feeling as I got involved more in the companys environment. On one side, it was like an ocean of knowledgeable people, but on the other hand, the poor structure of policies for employees. It looked so cool to be called as a banker, but do you really get respect within the company?