Summer internship experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers

 | June 21,2011 11:59 am IST

I am 2nd year PGDM participant at IIM Indore. I got the opportunity to do my summers with one of the most prestigious firm in the consulting domain, PricewaterhouseCoopers, popularly known as one of the Big four firm.

I got internship offer after undergoing multiple rounds of rigorous selection process.


They shortlisted very few people followed by group discussion and interview session. PwC was looking for candidate with both right aptitude and right attitude. Interviews were very rigorous and went on for more than an hour for some.

I got my joining at Kolkata office. It was all together a new experience as I had never been to eastern side of India. This enriched my experience both professionally and culturally. Day one was induction day where first, HR finished all the joining formalities and then I was assigned my point of contact for the next 2 month. One of good things about PwC is that they take summer interns very seriously as the point of contact assigned to me was a very senior manager and I have been assured all help, support and guidance that was required to make my summer internship enriching. Instead of assigning the task straight away I was asked for my areas of interest and preferences. PwC ensures that the trainee gets the kind of work which he/she enjoys doing. My project was to prepare a Research Report on the e-governance opportunity for PwC in India. During initial days, I conducted extensive market study and had number of discussion with various stakeholders to set the momentum of the project. I was given access to very senior managers in the company who looked at the e-governance division in various part of the country. The task was challenging but I was onto it backed by full support of my supervisor.

If I talk about the learning part, it would be very difficult to summarize it in words as the tacit knowledge gained can’t be penned down in words. This was my first management stint and having worked for 45 months made be able to connect the perspectives from both the management’s side and employee’s side. I got the chance to apply the knowledge gained in first year to the real life practical problems. Summer internship not only gave me the opportunity to work with amazing people who were master of their fields but I also made some good friends. It also provided me an opportunity to network with people and gather lot of knowledge about the future career paths and options. I am sure that this will go long way in helping me progress in my career.

I have winded up my 2 months internship on Friday 10th June and now I am back on the campus.






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realist on 07/07/11 at 02:49 am

Stop being sycophantic. No manager will read this and give you a job. I have worked at PWC for 2 years and I know it is a shit company. It is the most unethical company I have worked for.

Guest on 01/03/12 at 06:07 pm

Hi ,

Can you please let me know how did you apply for PWC summer internship .
Do they recruit offcampus ?

My friend is in IIM L - 2011 to 2013 batch
1st year looking for summer internship .

Thanks ,
Supriya Murudkar .