Ye Dil Maange Summer Experience of IMI Delhi Student

 | July 30,2012 03:59 pm IST

Being in H.R professional and having 3 years of working experience in Project Management Operations, Summer Internship was always very exciting to me to prove myself again in my dream H.

R projects. The dreams became more exciting when BMW came to my campus and shortlisted me as one among toppers of my HR class.

What is this internship experience? I define it as Ye Dil Maange (Mapping of receptions and expectations & re-expectations). As soon as BMW came to my IMI Delhi campus & selected me for internship, my expectations were on the peak of visualising 6-sigman curve.

I am in love with Delhi city being here since my birth. My BMW journey started on April, 2012 to a project-cum-vacation from MBA life to Chennai and I was happy like I was flying to Singapore for 2 months.

Vinod Gandhi, IMI DelhiMy first day realised me that my so called strategic learned H.R live projects & studies are unfit to manufacturing setup. Being optimist, I took it opportunity to grab full hand experience as I would never again experience such setup, but was doubtful on my R.O.I. (Return on internship). That made me serious recalling some of the seniors whom I had interacted before who suggested me that it is not an organization where interns are given strategic projects. The first day made me feel- Am I into my Singapore really?

My Gen. Manager (HR), who is even now a very good mentor cum guide to me, invited me to have discussion 2nd day of my internship. I was bit excited that I will give my project proposals; nonetheless that project was not even started due to a different requirements. Requirement Analysis was my very first learning there. He informed me that next day there was H.R team brainstorm meeting at Hyatt and I was invited to participate in that using my HR learned concepts. I saw him brainstorming with managers & prepared and analysed Minute of Meeting for them. The first receivable to me was this add-on Brainstorm Facilitator skill on my Linkedin profile. But How?

My summer internship project was based on immediate requirement of BMW to follow up with employee satisfaction survey results. I implemented the same brainstorm concept and amazed the top management with the analysis. Besides, I did a benchmarking research involving workers and lastly suggested canteen management using 6-sigma effective way.

While my other friends were interning at RPG, Nestle, HUL, GE etc where the Summer Internship process was all defined with clear guidelines & BMW gave me timely perception as I was not an intern but an employee. They involved me with their existing problems in H.R areas and smartly I converted most of them in my internship projects. The management was happier than me as they got their projects done and at the same time I was presenting them benchmarked analysis.
Bad was sometimes when I used to be involved in manual work of feeding data in excel and sometimes tight security in BMW plant. But later I realized, this is even expected from HR managers there so in a way I was involving with them.

My first hand experience was definitely not good but a wonderful very good, not only because of project implementations and regular appreciations, but also because of the association with workforce, rather employees out there. I have respect to them for their participation in my brainstorm workshops and research surveys.


Would I be more excited in organization with defined internship projects? I am sure, NO. I was very much known to Service Industry but this manufacturing set up with my own way of handling projects and weekly feedback to top management was R.O.I for my internship efforts. Equation of expectations and reception in my case was more inclined towards right hand side.

I learnt even simple administrative H.R setup where involving employees in decision making (my brainstorm NOVA project) was a way ahead of this strategic HR Consultancy world. I realized My dream was more to implement the HR practices and that what I did during my 2 months tenure. Seeing respect for H.R manager there and how they were so much responsible for employees, I am proud to say that I am also an H.R manager.

Someone may call these below point as promotion, but I call it Employer Branding which exists only when there is a solid base to do gaga about it. A thing that I will always cherish is the people there. I was amazed when people from Purchase team treated me as their friend and involved me in parties. I was happy when my mentor used to motivate me with such great feedback. I was lucky when plant workforce used to take me seriously. Having attended launch of BMW new 3 series & interaction with M.D, I really miss BMW and proudly say it as Best Summer Internship experience I have had.