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Delphique '09 at MDI, Gurgaon Talks About Resurgence of Industries in the Backdrop of Global Meltdown

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Delphique '09 at MDI, Gurgaon Talks About Resurgence of Industries in the Backdrop of Global Meltdown


To Survive or Thrive? Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Current Economic Scenario

The strategy panel had Deloitte as its knowledge partner. The panel discussion was based on the theme "To Survive or Thrive? Gaining Competitive Advantage in the Current Economic Scenario".

The panel included Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Director, Deloitte, Mr. Prashant Agnihotri, Head GSM/EDGE business, Global Nokia Siemens Network, Mr. Manish Mittal, Vice President, Professional Services, Cognizant and Mr. R. S. Gupta, Managing Director, Metzeler Automotive Profiles India Limited. The panel was moderated by Prof. G. K. Agarwal, Professor, MDI Gurgaon.

The student research team presented their research findings to the panel which was subsequently deliberated at length by the panel members. The discussion revolved around the modifications that should be brought in to existing strategies for organisations to survive and then thrive in the bleak economic situation that exists today. Mr. Gaurav Gupta urged that organisations should focus more closely on their existing relationships with customers and retain them in the face of fierce competition. Mr. Manish Mittal emphasized on the importance of innovation and quality and suggested that organisations should continuously be on the lookout for new opportunities and capitalise on them by managing their resources effectively. Mr. R. S. Gupta assured that maintain a lean and operationally efficient organisation would ensure success in face of recession. Mr. Prashant Agnihotri reaffirmed the existence of viable opportunities for diversification and inorganic expansion for organisations that continue to manage its resources well. Prof. G. K. Aggarwal reiterated the need for managers to have a strong focus on building talent, values and character of the organisation to thrive in the face of fierce competition and defined the role of MDI in incorporating the requisite skills to future managers.

Valedictory Ceremony

The event culminated in a quest for greener pastures, aided by a landmark speech by the guest of honour of the valedictory ceremony, Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Nobel Laureate and the Director General of TERI. Dr. Pachauri expressed that when corporates look at business sustainability, they look solely at the financial debt, and completely neglect what he termed as the 'natural debt'. He felt that no business could survive in a dying society and urged corporates to restore sources of livelihood back to the masses. He also envisaged the abundant business opportunities available in the development of sustainable infrastructure for environmental conservation. He cited various international leaders he often spoke to and expressed the satisfaction on the importance in the realisation that has come across the world on the issue of climate change. In his view, Politics, Science and Society should work together to ensure swift and affirmative action. The success of political leaders in Australia, Japan and the US who won elections based on their stand on environmental policies indicates coming together of these three forces. In response to a question, Dr. Pachauri responded that even if government enforces regulation, 'corporates will always innovate'.

MDI alumnus Mr. Sanjay Verma, Executive Managing Director, Cushman Wakefield spoke to the students about 'Industrial Resurgence' and what it meant to various stakeholders, most important of them being society. Decision-makers are unaware, negligent or unable to correlate the impact of their decisions on climate change and this impedes the implementation roadmap. He encouraged the students to be more aware and stay connected with the world around them. In this, his words echoed Dr. Pachauri who felt we must all take our blinkers off. Mr. Verma wanted the students to feel a sense of belongingness to the institute as well as society and urged them to speak up and act. Like the Agravashi he asked the students to 'realize the difference they can make'.


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Contributed by -
Piyush Jain,
Corporate Communications Cell,
MDI, Gurgaon.

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