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'AdMad' - the Advertising Contest to be Held at IIT-Kanpur During Megabucks '07

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'AdMad' - the Advertising Contest to be Held at IIT-Kanpur During Megabucks '07

Megabucks - the Annual Business & Entrepreneurship Competition of IIT Kanpur is one of the biggest business and entrepreneurship festivals held in India. In the past, Megabucks has been a stepping-stone for various entrepreneurial ventures, from whence they have emerged into the corporate world as successful companies and business groups.
Megabucks has gained great recognition among the academia and the corporate world and can boast of building a strong network of successful businessmen, venture capitalists, angel investors and academia.

AdMad - the Advertising Contest is an event for all you creative geniuses out there. Every business endeavor targets a certain clientele, and good advertising goes a long way in keeping them interested. AdMad is an event for all those who have the ability to cast a spell on buyers. It is about putting the very heartthrobs of a business into type, paper and pen. If you have the power of packaging and presentation, then welcome to AdMad, which challenges your imagination to think big and think new.

The competition has three categories - TV Commercials, e-Advertisement and Newspaper Ads & Hoardings. The registration will be in the form of teams of no more than 5 people. Product details would be uploaded on our website at: -

by 25th March, and pre-registered teams would be required to send in a confirmation of participation mail by 31st March.

  • For TV Commercials, each team has to prepare a video-clipping of at maximum 15 seconds that has to be presented by team itself during Megabucks.

  • Newspaper Ads and Hoardings have to be presented in the form of pictures and write-ups.

  • e-Advertisements have to be presented in the form of an html page.

  • We also have On-the-Spot Advertising Events with a total cash prize of Rs. 5,000/- at stake.

    AdMad offers a total cash prize of more than Rs. 10,000/-, loads of goodies and unmatched fun and frolic - so be a part of it!

    To keep updated of the various events, please visit

    Contact Details

    For more details on the event and participation, contact: -
    Krishna Khandelwal,
    Event Coordinator,
    Phone: +91 09935440458
    C-304/5, IIT Kanpur.


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