Career in Informational Technology Industry Post MBA

 | September 10,2012 12:25 pm IST

Every year IT Industry is a dominant force during placement season, roughly 30-35% of the batches from top b-schools are recruited into IT and IT related profiles. The question in mind for many the students is what kind of profiles do these top notch IT firms actually offer students across b-schools .

In this article I will briefly introduce some of the career paths which can be chosen by people joining IT firms.

Sales and Presales Consulting: Sales and presales role is just like any other industry where analyzing market scenario, identifying prospective customers, cold calling, bid management are some of the functions which are performed by MBAs. Typically, people start off with Sales Support and Pre-Sales activities and as they gain experience, they are given more chances in sales management itself.

Functional Consulting/ Business Analysts: Functional consulting is a role offered to majority of the students across b-schools. Functional consulting is based on a technology platform such as Oracle, SAP. The functional consultants are given training on a particular module such as SAP Material Management Module and together with business knowledge due to MBA, their main jobs become understanding and analyzing business requirements of the client for that module and transforming it in a manner where technical consultants can create technical solutions for those requirements and implement them.

Project Management: This is a role which is very well known in the IT industry where project managers are responsible for the implementation of a project. The key activities include project planning, executing and monitoring on day day basis. The profile also includes roles such as client engagement, people management and financial management activities for the project. MBAs typically start off in the project management support activities or project management office activities and gradually move up to end-end project management itself.

Management Consulting:
Most of the IT firms have started their management consulting arms catering to clients across the world. Though these arms are still small but are growing at a fast pace and hence have generate employment opportunities for b-schools graduates.

Other Profiles: The other options are joining HRD for an organization in various roles from a generalist to recruitment profiles. There are niches profiles such as Risk Management, transition management, process consulting profiles which are gradually growing in importance and generating new opportunities for placements.

Hope I was able to give you a brief overview of some of the profiles offered by IT or IT consulting firms in B-schools. Since the final and summers placements season will begin soon, so it will be great on the part of students if they are knowledgeable about profiles they are going to take up in near future.