CHANGE: Are You Afraid of the Known?

 | March 12,2012 11:24 am IST

A not so desperate housewife tells me, I want to change. I dont like being changed.

A thirty something mother of three wants to break free from domestic rut.


Yet, she doesnt want to take up a data entry operators job that her husband insists she take up. She wants to grow and export orchids and chrysanthemums. I want to go out there and do something, but I am afraid of the unknown, she says with a heavy breath.


Honestly, I tell her, how can you be afraid of the unknown when you do not know what that is? Then looking at her puzzled eyes and a mop of hair hanging on her cheek like an exclamation mark, I say, What you are afraid of is really giving up the security of the known.


We are scared to give up control of what we have and while we cling on to from our past experience. You are really afraid of getting unstuck from the past. So how does one change, she asks? Not by going back to the past but by designing the future, I tell her. So how do you design the future?


Suppose you let your mind wander in the valley of flowers and you see those orchids blooming, flowering, delighting millions of customers making their days as it were. Isnt that more like daydreaming she said. Thats exactly what it is, I said. Designing the future is all about dreaming with eyes wide awake!

(The article was featured in leading Malayalam newspaper, Mathrubhumi.)