Hire Education: An article by Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director IIM Kozhikode

 | March 12,2012 10:54 am IST

Most of our professional schools are like employment exchanges. They provide Hire Education.

An academy that trains young people for hotel management teaches students the art of faking a personality for making a career in the industry. The abiding philosophy is: fake it until you make it.


After that you can show the Company your canine teeth. The MBA churning mills also enter into alliance with companies in a game of mutual deception. The MBA is an acronym for Mind Boggling Aspiration with minimal of professional acumen.


The Companies recruit them to keep the MBA churning industry on perpetual growth path. For one thing, no MBA school worth its salt can show any positive corelation between success in the MBA program and success as a manager.


MBA curriculum is about knowing businesses as a system of knowledge. All successful systems are by and large slow to respond to change. A managers job success is very often about delivering in spite of the system. So we now know why many MBA toppers do not success as well as managers.

Hire education is about teaching for finding employment. It is unfortunately not about higher levels of personal effectiveness or professional competence. Before you fire a non-performing, think about firing this hire education! 

(The article was featured in leading Malayalam newspaper, Mathrubhumi.)