Ideal jobs for MBA Grads

 | April 02,2012 09:59 am IST

The job market looked tough this placement season and even the top notch colleges in India felt the heat of economic meltdown. However, leaders being leaders, they managed to sail through the hurdles of the tough job market and were able to place their students successfullythough trends did change and consulting and IT companies emerged as top hirers.


This article about eight ideal jobs for MBA Graduates caught our attention and we found it fit to be curated for our readers. So far we have been creating and publishing original content for our readers, but then we realized that while sharing our thoughts with readers, we shall also bring the best of content from around the world. Here is the first one in the series:

8 ideal jobs for MBA Grads

Management analyst:
Management analysts are consultants who assess an organization to provide feedback on how it could improve its structure, run more efficiently, and raise profits. And many employers, particularly those working in the private sector, prefer to work with analysts who've secured an M.B.A.


Financial analyst:
Financial analysts usually become knowledgeable of economic trends and then use their expertise to advise on investments. And like many of the other best jobs, the most successful financial analysts are perpetual students.


Earning an M.B.A. with a finance focus would serve a budding analyst well, particularly those who'd like to ascend to the position of portfolio manager.


HR specialist:
There's a considerable hiring demand for skilled human resources workers. And a master's degree helps to distinguish the best HR professionals, particularly those interested in working in training. They directly affect an employee's productivity, and therefore, an organization's overall success.


Financial adviser:
A master's could prove effective for a financial adviser hoping to secure more clients and build trust. If you were to employ someone to coach you on how to best save and spend your money, wouldn't you want one of the most learned in the field?


April is when accountants rise to the forefront of Americans' consciousness, but their importance is indelible to the organizations' operations year-round. Those who choose to receive certification as a public accountant and to pursue a master's degree of business administration could boost their salary into the six-figure range.


Computer systems analyst:
Multifaceted computer systems analysts understand the technical side of their trade--implementing the best hardware, software, and networks for clients--and exercise a sensibility for dealing with people and preparing cost benefit analyses. A business school education is the prime place to hone these types of skills.


Web developer:
Many companies require well designed and maintained websites that help and not hurt a user's experience, so they're selective of whom to hire. You're a better professional asset if you've also completed postgraduate study.

Database administrator:
A database administrator with an M.B.A. has a greater understanding of how her role in building and maintaining databases serves the company at large. Having a master's can also help those who would like to work as an IT consultant.


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