Jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago

 | November 22,2012 11:56 pm IST

With ever changing consumer behavior, the advent of new technologies almost everyday and new range of gadgets being introduced in the markets for tech freaks, a plethora of career options have also come into existence. The advent of the new technologies and gadgets has made human beings virtual slaves of technology.

One cannot even imagine how far it may go when even social networking has become virtual.


A mobile phone with internet access is the least one may ask for today. A mobile device is not just limited to making calls and answering them, but it acts as your window to the world. Development of a variety of applications has added even more to it and also new career options for the GenNext.

Forbes magazine recently listed 10 jobs that didnt exist 10 years ago. The list includes the following


App Developer
In 2007 iPhone was introduced and Android came shortly after. Since then, over a million apps have been put up for sale in App Stores and Androids Google Play. In 2011, Apple earned more than $15 billion revenue from mobile applications sales. The surging demand of mobile applications has left companies looking out for able talent in mobile apps development.


Market Research Data Miner
With consumer information becoming more and more vital for retail businesses, companies are compiling huge amounts of data to understand consumer behavior and to form future policies and strategies keeping it in mind. Data analysts and scientists study the collected data to understand the behavioral patterns of consumers to help companies predict future trends.


Educational or Admissions Consultants
Unlike the traditional times, now-a-days parents have become more conscious about career of their children. To ensure that their child gets best of career guidance they dont even mind paying huge sum of money to admissions consultants. Though the concept of seeking career guidance from a consultant is not so popular in India so far, it is slowly growing.


Generation Experts
Changing workforce and the need to understand them created the demand of hiring Generation experts. Today companies in every sector and of all sizes are facing dearth of able talent. Building practices connecting directly with the Generation Y workforce is helping companies create loyalty in their new workforce.


Social Media Managers
The growing popularity of social networking sites and around 835,525,280 users on Facebook alone (as of March, 2012) and still growing, the social networks provide an ideal ground for companies to reach their direct consumers. Be it a small or a large organization, having a business page on Facebook has become integral. The great shift in how companies communicate with their customers has created the demand of hiring Social Media Managers.


Chief Listening Officer
A CLO is one level up the Social Media Manager. His primary job responsibility includes keeping an eye and ear on social channels and real life conversations to keep company connected with what their consumers are saying, their concerns, grievances etc. Earlier social media acted as one way communication onlycompany to consumers.


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