Know how successful people turn obstacles into assets

 | July 09,2012 09:17 am IST

God has made us all similar. We all have two eyes, two ears; one nose etc, but there certainly has to be something different between successful and unsuccessful people.

Successful people treat everythingincluding obstacles that the rest of us would consider to be problemsas a gift.


Successful people look at even the worst of situations positively and put in their efforts to turn those obstacles into assets. They argue that no matter what you are trying to dostart a company; launch a new product in a competitive market or just hoping to obtain buy-in from the bossthat this is the best way of looking at the difficulties and surprises youll encounter along the way.


They say there are three reasons why:

First, you were going to find out eventually what people did and did not like about your idea.


Second, the feedback could take you in another direction, or serve as a barrier to your competitors.


Third, you get evidence.


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