CRISIL launches national financial literacy initiative from Assam

 | March 20,2012 06:14 pm IST

CRISIL, a global analytical company providing ratings, research, risk, and policy advisory services, has chosen Assam for the launch of a national financial awareness initiative called Pragati Progress through Financial Awareness. To flag-off the initiative, CRISIL is partnering with Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi (RGVN) to run a series of 25 programmes in Assam, North-East India.

Programmes under Pragati will subsequently be conducted in other parts of India. The first training programme was held on March 19, 2012 in Sipajhar with 25 participants, comprising 15 women from self-help groups, students and representatives from NGOs.


The second programme was held today in Guwahati with 22 participants. Financial awareness is vital for wealth creation, and fostering financial awareness is a key component of CRISILs corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda. Says Roopa Kudva, CRISILs Managing Director and CEO, As the leader in financial analytics, we believe that the best way for us to give back to society is by doing more of what we are good at. The financial awareness agenda fits perfectly with our strengths. I am proud that we have launched this significant initiative in our 25th year, and it gives me great satisfaction that we have made a start with the North- East. Besides sponsoring Pragati, CRISIL has used its extensive knowledge of finance and markets to prepare the educational materials for the programme.


Each programme under Pragati will involve comprehensive training in local languages, covering a wide range of topics such as financial planning, cash management, and savings, and introducing concepts such as insurance and risk management. The target group comprises people across social and demographic categories and includes members of self-help groups, students, and small entrepreneurs. CRISIL believes that the training imparted under Pragati will help the participants make better financial and economic decisions, and will help them spread financial awareness among their social and family networks.


RGVN too has a critical role to play in Pragati. According to Dr. Amiya Kumar Sharma, Executive Director at RGVN, We are delighted to make a positive impact on society in the North-Eastern states through the Pragati programmes. We have 15 team members at various locations in these states who are extensively trained in conducting financial awareness programmes, and therefore, we are ideally placed to partner CRISIL in this initiative. We are sure Pragati will be a huge success, not only in the North-East, but also across the length and breadth of India.