Crowd recruiting: Companies applying new recruiting concept to get the 'best' talent

 | April 13,2012 05:28 pm IST

It is every HR managers nightmare to scan through hundreds of CVs, shortlist a few candidates for interviews and in the end select a handful with no assurance that the best have been selected. The task is especially dreadful because most CVs look the same with little or no indication to tell apart one from the other.

But all that has changed with crowd recruiting by


According to Rachit Jain, Founder Youth4work, companies can now find the best fit for their organizations by using this very novel way of recruiting on Companies simply post relevant projects on the site and watch as zealous youth work on it trying to prove that they are the best. All that the HR manager now has to do is judge and select the best fit from the project results. Crowd recruiting is not only effective, but both cost cutting and time saving.


Meeta Sedha, assistant manager human resources of Vinove Software, who has freelance projects on the site says, Weve outsourced four projects and are pleased with the response. Every firm wants participation of youth and its a good platform for students. Its easier to hire as well, as a company thats worked with a student on a project knows the strength of the candidate.


The 550+ companies already registered on the site is testament to the fact that crowd recruiting works and that it is changing how companies recruit and reach out to youth from over 1100 colleges.