Rajesh Jumani takes office as EVP - Asia Pacific & Middle East at Tata Interactive Systems

 | May 08,2012 11:53 am IST

Global leader in learning solutions, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) announced that Rajesh Jumani, former Chief Marketing Officer has been appointed EVP Asia Pacific & Middle East of the organization with immediate effect.


Rajesh will provide Sales leadership in the Asia Pacific & Middle East markets.

Speaking about his new role Rajesh said, TIS is committed to increasing its presence and serving customers in the Middle East & APAC region. We are excited to take our innovative suite of learning solutions to these markets which are experiencing strong growth and are maturing rapidly in terms of their learning & development strategy. L&D is now being viewed as a mission critical function and TIS as a global leader & pioneer is well placed to bring its global depth & breadth to service these markets. 


According to Kshitij Nerurkar, Chief Operating Officer at TIS, The new role for Rajesh marks an important move for TIS. Rajeshs unique experience with deep understanding of all facets of the organization will help TIS achieve greater success in the Asia Pacific and Middle East market. Im confident that in his new role, Rajesh will help spell success for TIS endeavors.' 


With extensive experience in the marketing field, Rajesh was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Tata Interactive Systems. He is a TIS veteran and has set up TIS operations in the Middle East.