We look at people who can live the Airtel values: Krish Shankar, Executive Director, Bharti Airtel Limited

 | May 21,2012 10:37 am IST

CoolAvenues spoke to Krish Shankar, Executive Director, Bharti Airtel Limited about recruitment at Airtel. Excerpts of the interview.


1. What are the major opportunities for management graduates and other professionals at Airtel?
We hire Management Trainees across functions (Sales, CSD, HR, Finance and SCM) from the top B-Schools across India. They are put on a 6 month roadmap of cross functional training post which they are posted to their final roles across functions, depending on their aptitude for the function.


2. What are the major opportunities for other experienced hires?
Though, a new hire joins a Telecom company, Airtel provides the opportunity for its employees to have multi-faceted exposure to other businesses including Banking, Health, Entertainment, etc. Given our employer branding theme of Jobs never done before, we have ensured that the environment is fused with the element where people get opportunity to do interesting and innovative things. Despite the size, our DNA continues to foster entrepreneurship.


3. What is your recruitment policy?
With the employer theme as Jobs Never Done Before, we look for candidates who can take the role of an entrepreneur and take charge of future business opportunities and leadership roles within the organization.


4. What are the compensations & benefits offered by the company and how well do they compare with other similar firms?
Airtel benchmarks with the best in the industry and our compensation & benefits are structured in keeping with such standards. The compensation package includes various flexible benefits like Car hire, Company Leased Accommodation, LTA, Mediclaim, etc. More importantly, Airtel provides many non-work benefits like crche, gymnasium, food court, shops for daily needs, etc to ensure that the employee can spend more time with their family.


5. What is the attrition rate at your firm?
The voluntary attrition is around 10%


6. What are the skills required for people to be successful at work and at the firm?
Apart from the relevant functional skills, we look at people who can live the Airtel values of AIR -Alive, Inclusive & Respectful. Airtel is a strong believer that for the company to prosper, it is important that people must be aligned with the values of the company. For more details, log on to http://airtel.in/careers


7. How is the work culture at Airtel different from other companies on a day-to-day basis?
Over a decade and a half ago, the company was founded by first generation entrepreneurs. Since then, entrepreneurship has been the DNA of Airtel. Our work culture and values inspire our people to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit by doing things differently and doing different thing. We like to see Airtel as a large company with a heart of a small company. We encourage diversity, work life balance and ensure that employees are given all they need to be comfortable and deliver to the best of their capability.


8. What are the challenges of working at Airtel?
Working in a matrix organisation might seem like a challenge to some but at the same time it drives a person to give out the best in him leading to greater work satisfaction. For employees the bigger challenge and a great motivator is to imbibe skills about multiple industries including mCommerce, mHealth, Banking, etc


9. What can candidates expect in the interview?
In an interview, candidates will be assessed for their functional skills and competencies. We also assess candidates on their value system to ensure we hire a right culture fit.


10. What role does reference plays in the hiring process?
We have a very successful employee referral process which is doing much better than industry average. We encourage referrals as they ensure that we get people on board who are aligned to our culture & system.


11. What kind of advantage does an experienced candidate have over a fresher?
Candidates having relevant experience would be preferred for middle to senior management roles.


12. Is there any specific management cadre at Bharti like TAS or BMC program?
The Young leader program aims at hiring students from top business schools across India at the Management Trainee level. These Young Leaders go through a 6 month cross functional training and then placed in their final roles across functions.


13. What is the career path for recruits at Airtel?
Airtel believes in meritocracy. While we have a well defined career path for each function, it finally depends on the performance of the individual. We have multiple situations where a Young leader is now working at DGM in 6-7 years of joining at an MT level.