Young Indian technologists seek innovation mantras at GE's global research meet

 | March 26,2012 12:18 pm IST

Eminent researcher and global head of General Electric research and development Mark M Little will address the emerging technologies conference EmTech at ITC Gardenia Bangalore Tuesday.


While addressing 500 attendee technologists--from computing to communication, cleantech and materials to biomedicine--Mark, is expected to share his mantras for achieving success in innovation for India.



As the 9th director of GEs global research in its 108-year history, Mark guides the research efforts of nearly 3000 technologists at the $147 billion industrial behemoth with interests in aviation to energy and healthcare to electronics. 


In addition six outstanding senior scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will deliver keynote addresses at the 2-day conference. 


The annual conference, fourth in a series, will open up a two-way interaction for the MIT scientists as they share their insights into the work in digital transformation; network designs of the future and the innovation ecosystem, says Pradeep Gupta, publisher of CyberMedia and Technology Review India. 


Twenty innovators from Technology Reviews India TR35 list of technologists under the age of 35 would present their innovations from the field of web, computers, biomedicine, energy, materials and transportation at the Emerging Technologies conference, adds Gupta, himself a distinguished alumnus of IIT. 


Accolades await the 24-year old innovator from the silicon valley of india- Anirudh Sharma - as he presents his Haptic shoe for the visually impaired. In addition, the 28-year old Chennai based social innovator Venkatesan Oosur Vinayagam will present his mobile antakshari and Delhis 35-year old Somnath Ray will display a totally recreated para-transit mode of mobility for the physically challenged


For a nation of a billion cricket fans, the organizers--MITs Technology Review--have appropriately dedicated a session to Technology in Cricket. Here Siddharth Khullar, a doctoral candidate in imaging science from Rochester Institute of Technology, MIT Media Lab along with College of Engineering, Pune student Chinmaya Joshi will show case new advances in technology that may put an end to all the controversies and appeals in the field of international cricket. 


In a fire side chat with Narayanan Suresh, Group Editor, Technology Review India, leading technology evangelist in India, Prof VS Ramamurthy, Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies will delve on subject of technology development in India and mapping of India's technology needs. 


Eminent scientist and administrator Prof. Y.S. Rajan will share details of India's technology mission and spin-offs from space and nuclear programs. 


We are pleased to present the most celebrated scientists from MIT including the legendary publisher and editor in chief of Technology Review US Jason Pontin and eminent Indian scientists like Prof YS Rajan and Prof VS Ramamurthy, says Narayanan Suresh, Group Editor of Technology Review India. 


In view of the mounting crude oil prices EmTechs special sessions on Biofuels, CleanTech, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are timely. Sessions on sustainable development, innovation in engineering and design and technology ventures promise to find solutions to spread the culture of innovation in India.