Drawbacks to part-time MBA programs

 | June 21,2013 02:06 pm IST

In our article that was published yesterday, we discussed some of the key challenges and advantages of pursuing a part-time MBA. Today, we are bringing to you some of drawback associated with part-time MBA programmes.


1. Stress
Managing classes as well as work at the same time needs commitment and good time management skills. Having a packed schedule like this may also bring in a good amount of stress. One should have the ability to handle stress in order to give their best at work as well as studies.


2. No summer internship
Unlike regular MBA students, b-schools do not send part-time students for summer internships. Summer internship is important in case of candidates who plan to switch career after MBA. For instance, if you are an engineer planning to switch career in finance industry you would certainly be interested in trying the knowledge gained in classes at work. A summer internship provides the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge in practical situations. But a part-time MBA programme does not offer this opportunity.


3. Academic involvement
Another disadvantage of a part-time MBA is that students do not get advantage of immersing in the academic environment of a full time programme. Continuing your full time job acts as a simultaneous distraction from studies.


4. Getting recognized by your company
As discussed in the previous article, it may be difficult to get your boss recognize the value of your newly acquired skills. Thus you may have to look for a new job to earn promotion and better responsibilities.


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5. Beware of low-quality part-time programs
If you are planning to go for a part-time MBA be sure that the programme that you are opting for is AICTE or UGC approved. Ask the admission department of your college to confirm this. You can also seek help of fellow aspirants or those who have already done part-time MBA on MBA forums.