Executive MBA | Advantages and Disadvantages

 | September 26,2011 11:03 am IST

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are developed to meet the educational needs of working professionals, who wish to grow or switch start a career in management. It attracts participants from every type and size of organization – profit, nonprofit, government –and from across varied industries.

Compared to two year MBA program students, EMBA students have a higher level of work experience, often 10 years or more.


One year MBA is quiet different from a two year full time MBA program. The admission requirements are quiet stringent in terms of academics and work experience.


One year Executive MBA programs are usually one year to 18 months long. Unlike two year MBA, students only learn their choice of area of specialization.

• Being a one year program, it saves lot of time and one can soon start working and earning again.
• Most of the EMBA programs can be customized to suit ones specific needs.
• Having peers from varied industries and higher level of work experience provides intensive learning environment, which encourages knowledge enhancement above and beyond normal academic learning.
• Learning with best of the best people encourages competitiveness and achievement.
• Provides a good platform for networking with people whoo will be entering the industry.

• Since it is a short duration course compared to two year MBA, it does not offer internship opportunities and one can enter the real world only after completing EMBA.
• Some employers do not consider a one-year MBA program a favorable option. Make sure that your prospective employer will accept EMBA program before you decide to enroll.






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ManishKumar on 01/16/12 at 04:22 pm

Can I pursue PHD in future if I have completed EMBA?

tarun goyal on 01/16/12 at 07:58 pm

@Manihs, you will have no problem in pursuing PHD. There is no such restriction that you can't do PHD if you have more qualifications than minimum required.