View Full Version : It happened again At IIFT Placements 2005

02-03-2005, 01:54 PM
Well, I had the time of my life,seeing bigwigs of the corporate making SPOT OFFERS and COUNTER OFFERS to lap up the talent. For the uninitiated ones the spot offer is the one made right to the candidate in the interview and Counter Offer is one made by a higher slotted company to counter that.

Placements are indeed awesome and soon I will be posting the figures in the post since I am at present sitting at the control desk,doing all compilation work to arrive the exact figure.However the average salary is hovering aroung 6.5 Lakhs (Domestic) and around 7.8 Lakhs(including international)
Its not even half a day and even lesser than half of the total slotted companies arrived and we are through with the process.
And as Arnie bhai said"I will be back",this time of course with the figures compiled and statistical results out.
Bhaskar Rana
MBA(IB) 2004-06

02-03-2005, 05:15 PM
gr8 goings IIFT...i was there in the eaterie infront of ur campus commonly known in the Qutub area as iift dhaba..yesterday night...n witnessed the joy engulfing all the iiftians...Congrats...n keep rocking...

ciao.. :D