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Editor Note:" Kindly go to this Section on Why MBA : More than 10 articles.


Hello there

here am again ----- :arrow:

Last year I got a call from Symbiosis and NMIMS

GD was ok but in interview i was clean bold. by this question WHY MBA after slogging for 4 yrs in Engg. ? I tried usual stuff and gave few explanations --but nothing to the mark and the end result was that I am preparing here again for the same exams but to this point i could not find anything of substance -----anybody who can help me out as "Why do you want to go for an MBA?"

any help or suggestion will be received with thousands of thanks and hugs

waiting for n idea


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Default why

welll a Hug am all game for IT.

Most of MBA aspirants look to have a straight forward answer as why to go for an MBA but unfortunately the answer is not as so simple as it might look initially. So "Why an MBA" for a fashion designer will be different from "Why MBA" for a MBBS or an Army major or a software engineer.

Hence no readymade, fit for all generic answer can be made. Hence give details about your profile and I can tell you as what answer will be adequate.

Further the aim of interviewer is to assess your career goals a) long term career goal b) short term career goal and clarity of thought and logic.

So you need to answer " Why MBA" with an explanation on your career goal that is what you aim to be in long term and in short term.

Can you post your detailed profile sans personal detail and I might be able to help you out?

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Default why MBA

well the most suitable answer to why MBA in an interview has to be linked with the kind of personality that you are and the match between your personality and the kind of personality an effective manager should possess.
I think when you are able to justify it in that manner, it will be ver convincing for the interviewer rather than just talk about the lucrative prospects of doing an MBA program

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Default why mba

here we have to say them what are our future aim to do mba . here they want the answer why we havwe chosen the mba. we have to tell them that if u have done bba then there is no other choice why to do mba because we have done the basic course for mba. or if u have not done bba then tell the truth why u want to choose mba.
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hi eyedew,
am newbee out here. i think a probabale answer cud hav been dat in choosin mgmt as a career the rate of increase of achievin success n status in career increases as compared 2 ne othr course.
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Default Re: why

hii...i hv done my graduation in hotel management... n now pursuing MBA in intl, shld i answer to the question " after HM why MBA"
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MBA will work like a fast forward button for your career. Coz in the corporate world top b-schools pass outs are preferred for positions of responsibility and authority as compared to those without an MBA. You will develop Strong business skills / people management skils & learn how to manage different functions with your technical knowlege if you do MBA.
Than last but not the least… LOTS OF Money…a very strong driving factor.

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Old 11-25-2008   #8
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Why An MBA?

The MBA qualification broadens and enhances knowledge and should be viewed in a sense of building up skills. Although the most popular reasons for undertaking the MBA is to increase salary, other reasons include widening career opportunities, furthering one’s career and/or to extend personal networks.

There are other equally important reasons that any prospective MBA student will state, but by far the most compelling is to create career opportunities for oneself. The challenges imposed by the 21st century have made it an essential component that we upgrade skills and qualifications in order to meet the demands set by companies, customers and the environment we operate within.

This is where the MBA becomes a tool to be utilized in building up existing competencies - the theory learned can be utilized to find plausible solutions to concurrent business issues. At the end of an MBA programme, one emerges with an upper level of functional managerial and business issues as well as new conceptual skills ready to meet the demands that are set by the competitiveness around us.

With an MBA, you can: -

· Advance Your Career
Whether you're a doctor, an engineer, or an editor for your local newspaper, a graduate business degree can prepare you to move into a managerial position within your field.

· Change Your Career
If your current career path is a less than perfect fit for your aptitudes and interests, business schools can give you the opportunity to explore your options, then provide you with the training you need to change careers entirely.

· Set-up Your Own Business
Interested in starting your own business, but not sure that you have the necessary expertise to launch a start-up in a high-growth industry? An MBA can prepare you to do everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an IPO. Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by an MBA is about 50 percent less than the standard failure rate.

· Develop Technical Skill & Business Knowledge
Can you advance to a managerial position or launch your own business without the benefit of a graduate degree in business? Yes. There is much to be learned from on-the-job training and employers certainly value work experience. However, an MBA programme will put you on the fast-track to career advancement by offering you the chance to develop a wide range of general business knowledge and a broad base of technical skill in a relatively short period of time.

· Become a Leader in an Emerging Field

· Innovative education can lead to an exciting career in a newly emerging field, such as brand management, information technology, e-commerce, or mobile telecommunications.

· Network
Networking is another key benefit. Business school teaching styles encourage teamwork and, over the course of an MBA programme, you'll develop important relationships that can serve you well throughout your business career. And no matter the school, you can often get plugged into a network of alumni working at a wide range of companies. This is useful for professional contacts.

Although the degree is considered the pathway to a successful career, it still does not guarantee a flood of job offers, but when one considers the positive options, it far outweighs the negative issues. It is a costly course and the time constraints that are associated with the study load are legendary. That’s why, in some circles, it has been termed “Married, but away”.

Approach the studies with an open mindset and let your intentions be to develop yourself to your full capacity. Accept the programme as a challenge, set your personal as well as career objectives and, most importantly, utilise the Masters of Business Administration degree to close gaps that may exist within your skills and qualifications, so that you can facilitate and expedite your management caree.

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The following article answers it best -

Why Should You Do An MBA?

This is an invariable question in any MBA Entrance Interview. Getting this answer pat right is critically important because it shows how clear you are about your expectations from the course. It is imperative that you answer this question to yourself before you rush to fill up forms to various MBA colleges.

It is crucial on two counts: -

1. If you do qualify for a course and find yourself a complete misfit for the curriculum, it would mean you are actually not cut out for the management cadre in the corporate world. So you are likely to saddle yourself with a career that makes you unhappy.

2. An MBA course is an investment, both in terms of time and money; hence, wasting it is an offence.

Moving on, let’s look at a few caricatures wherein an MBA degree can be handy: -

a) The Anointed Heir who wants to hold the keys to his/her kingdom. This guy is someone like an industrialist’s son, who will have to take over the running of an existing corporate empire.

b) The Shop Floor Enthusiast who wants to sit in the gilded corporate office. This guy is typically someone who has devoted many years on the shop floor (it could also be in a lab... or in sales... or in data collection...), mostly a technical person who executes rather than strategises. This guy now wants to be a part of the strategic team.

c) The Intrepid Entrepreneur who wants to create an empire. This guy is someone who is all set to start his or her own business and wants to know the tools of how to do so.

d) The Power Seeker who wants to crack the management ceiling he/she has hit because of the lack of an MBA degree. This person is typically someone who is a part of management but sees many promotions pass by him/ her due to a perceived lack of managerial perspective. Most of the top management believe that a person with a management degree has managerial perspective.

e) The Money Player who would like to increase his/her pay packet. An MBA degree immediately increases your market value. If a post-graduate in Economics is offered say Rs. 7,000 per month as a starting salary, an MBA graduate is typically offered at least Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per month.

f) The Reluctant Graduate who believes that he/she has learnt nothing at all that can get him/her a job. The non-professional graduate courses available today are not perceived to have any marketable value by the corporate world. These, therefore, need to be augmented to make the graduate ‘market worthy’.

The underlying advantage in all the six caricatures is that an MBA degree immediately flags you off as someone who can be trained to take up positions of authority.

Apart from the positive boost that a person’s career gets, an MBA degree also offers three side benefits. Some may argue that these are the main benefits: -

1. An MBA course is a hot-house where you are pushed to deliver. You are introduced to fierce competition. The conditions work on you in such a way that either you break-down and leave the course half-way, or you end up becoming a tough professional.

2. An MBA programme exposes you to a very wide area of experience in terms of subjects and people. You get exposed to varied subjects like macro-economics, consumer behaviour, psychology, marketing, cultural heritage, communication theory, operations research, quantitative techniques, finance, HR, etc. Most programmes cover over 30 subjects! Apart from exposure to subjects, you meet people from various backgrounds and places. This really broadens your outlook!

3. And last but not the least, an MBA course brings together impressionable young men and women, and you may just catch your soul mate while slogging over case studies!

Author: -
Jaya Deshmukh,
Visiting Faculty, IMDR & SIMS (Pune),
Ex. Associate Brand Manager, AT&T Corp. Asia Pacific.
Source: M BArk / Advanc'edge MBA / April 2003

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Read this good article

MBA - Why do it

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Click here for more details

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why mba?

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