Personality Development

 | June 11,2010 03:21 pm IST

Personality refers to the total behaviour of the individual, but particularly to the relatively enduring and consistent aspect of our personality. Personality is a very vast term, it encompasses a number of factors like - The way you look; The way you dress; The way you talk; The way your listen; The way you act; Your habits; Your philosophy of life; Your versatility; Your willingness to help other etc.


The module is specially designed to help you to discover yourself, to provide experience and insight, which will help further shape your personality, to make a bigger mark, to develop your potentials and to be successful in life. It deals with some of the core factors necessary to help you achieve your goals. The basic concept is that you and you alone have the ability to be a winner, by changing your way of thinking.


You Change your beliefs;
When you change your beliefs,
You change your expectations;
When you change your expectations,
You change your attitude,
You change your behaviour;
You change your performance,
When you change your performance


Part - I Elaborates the essentials ingredients of a winning personality. The point on which you have to work hard so that you are able to shape up your own personality.


Part - II Deals with building self-confidence, which is very essential for a successful personality. Exercise how you can go about building self-confidence.


Part - III Given you some tips how you can exercise your brain so that you are able to gather more knowledge, since knowledge is the basis of a winning personality. And knowledge makes you stand out in a group. 


"We possess by nature the factors out of which personality can be made,
and to organize them into effective personal life is everyman's primary responsibility."

                                                                                                                                                            - Harry Emerson Fosdick

If you can accept the influence of your imagination over your behaviour then you must also accept that it is possible to change your personality for the better.


Personality is not like a round face or blue eyes. We can do little about our physical characteristics. We can, however through a positive attitude and determinations do something about our personality because personality or the lack of it is merely an attitude of the mind


It is essential to appraise your strengths and weaknesses constantly. A successful personality will have a combination of qualities summed up in the phrase 'Personal Success skills'. When considering these qualities bear in mind that every single one of them can be acquired.


Each factor is an essential building block that supports a larger structure, a stepping stone to sure success. Your knowledge and ability to use these success principles will determine your relative level of performance at everything you attempt.


You should develop the ability to continue on your course of action despite difficulties or opposition. You should work hard in the achievement of your goal.


You should have the ability to put your self mentally in the other persons shoes. It is the skill to experience other person's feelings and emotions imaginatively.


You should bounce back from disappointment and recover strength quickly. If you encounter failure let it not negatively influence your functioning.


You should be genuine honest. You should always do what you say.


Open Minded:
You should not have a prejudiced narrow-minded view. You should be open to the opinion and views of others and make effort to learn from your experiences.


You should be neat in your appearance and work. The place where you live.


Ambition to be Successful:
You should have and if not then inculcate a desire to achieve your predetermined objectives. Your ambition must be coupled with an active determination to achieve your personal and academic goals.


You should be totally faithful to people around you.


Self confident:
You should have full faith and confidence in yourself and your abilities. It is the stepping stone to all success.


Common sense:
You should have the ability to absorb facts and learn from new experiences. You should be able to focus your strengths and efforts on the task in hand.




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