Are you sleeping with your Smartphone?

 | May 25,2012 02:22 pm IST

Do you constantly check your emails even at the odd hours during the night? Whenever, wherever you go, are you always accompanied by your digital device?


If this is your case, you certainly are a smartphone addict. Its addiction literally means reliance on and obsession to use the device all the time.

The need to stay connected has become prevalent for many professional and even non professional users of smartphones.


According to a recent study by Sheraton Hotels, 87% of smartphone users bring the devices into their bedrooms, and 84% check them before going to bed and as soon as they wake up. Many CEOs and senior level management executives have admitted that they are over-reliant on their smartphone devices. Many businesses have even gone to the extent of banning smartphones from business meetings and company events.


Some of the common symptoms that show you are a smartphone addict include constant checking of emails and texts, answering phone calls at inappropriate times and the need to always have the digital companion within the reach.


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