Service Quality Management in Hotels

 | June 10,2010 02:46 pm IST

India's hotel industry is growing at a fast pace because of a high economic growth coupled with an increased flow of international tourists. This calls for effective quality management and that can be done through an accurate measurement of services.

Effective quality management of hotel industry: -

1. Define the quality attributes and variables - Attributes denote qualitative data. They represent discrete values such as presence or absence of an escort to the room from the reception, etc. Variables denote quantitative data, which are continuous such as the price of staying in a room, etc.


2. Measure - The Critical To Quality (CTQ) characteristics of the process need to be identified. The factors that contribute to a good / bad service experience for the consumers need to be picked.


3. Analyze - The attributes and variables need to be measured to find any possible causes of defects / low quality service.


4. Improve - The influence of the causes of defects / low quality service need to be quantified, and the acceptable limits for the same should be defined.


5. Control - In the control step, the modified process should be made to stay within the acceptable limits and emergency handling mechanism should be in place.



The key quality attributes in a hotel are: -


  • Arrangements for payment for room service
  • The presentation of the service in the guest room
  • Quality of the table-ware used in the provision of room service
  • Equipment used in providing room service
  • Quality of the food provided through room service
  • Size of food portions
  • The ability of the waiter to understand your specific needs in using room service
  • Service etiquette shown by room service staff
  • The ability of the waiter to instill confidence in the choices the guest has made
  • Quality of the beverages provided through room service
  • Appearance of the room service staff
  • The ability of the room service staff to answer general enquiries about, for example, places for entertainment
  • The ability of room service staff to handle guest complaints
  • The ability of room service staff to provide information on other services available from the hotel to guests
  • The skills in the performance of room service
  • The level of commitment that staff brings to room service
  • The attractiveness of the lay-out of the guest room
  • A sincere interest shown in solving any of the guest's problems
  •  Friendly conversation between the guest and the room service staff



  • Price
  • Time spent waiting to place an order
  • The time spent waiting between ordering and receiving service
  • Hours during which room service is available
  • Number of choices included in the menu
  • Measuring & Analyzing the Attributes & Variables