Time For Pyar Ki Pungi - Next in style phrase?

Vinod Gandhi | March 26,2012 10:20 am IST

Yesterday, I met a friend, working as an operations manager in a very famous organization and his ringtone Naye zamane ki Laila hoon main, Teri pungi baja ke rahungisuddenly caught my attention to PUNGI. One thing that often I realize now a days during my MBA life-cycle is 'Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai'.

.. shows how important it is today to make yourself attractive enough to leave a catchy impression.

Well, the time is now for 'Pyar ki Pungi', the latest item song from Saif's spy thriller Agent Vinod, after myriad of sheela, munni and jalebi. Is it worth recognized it an item song? It is making its way ahead all charts; thanks to its comic, cheeky and catchy tone.

In research methods and methodology we often practice - Content Analysis (Ref: Content Analysis by Roberto P. Franzosi). 'What is it for pyar ki pungi?' - Lyrics, here, makes the important impression management. It is good a strategy to attract youngsters with choice of words like O meri jaan o meri jaan, Mere ko majnu bana kar , Auron pe gaalon pe pappi, Mere hi gaalon pe chaante , and all similar stuff. Word count of Pungi and Meri Jaan matches; needless to say what does it mean for attracting youngsters.

Word counts can be of underlying meaning structures and syntax can have far more profound effects on meaning. Local touch to song, normal way of addressing girl friends by young generation and active form of sentencing enrich its attractiveness. Referential content analysis is better suited to explain this, as it is used in research when the task is to ascertain how an existing phenomenon is portrayed.

Moving further from the tool of quantitative analysis of textual material, here comes - the differentiation strategy of catching eye from uttermost audience .But the question arises, What makes it different? The differentiation - when all among ones competitors are duplicating the process in fraction of seconds. After all we all would wonder what exactly this pungi is.

Youtube has count of more than 10 Lakh views of the same in the very starting like a viral marketing practise. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38JoxhDDZ0A) It has created mass hysteria as soon as it is released. This kind of new generation marketing makes Cine marketing definition as Consumer Intense And Novel Engagement Marketing indeed. Consumers today relate with brands in essentially innovative ways, often through communication that is beyond traditional approach.

Even after seeing the video on youtube, such MIKA SINGH way of impression would leave many of us to surely see this movie with popcorn and friends.





Vinod Gandhi is presently doing MBA in HR from IMI Delhi. He has 3 years of work exp. in TCS and spectrum Study circle. He is passionate about Understanding Human beings and their interaction in organization....