How to Choose the Right MBA Abroad

 | August 20,2010 03:39 pm IST

Today, an MBA is the most prestigious qualification in the world. It offers the potential for talented young professionals to place themselves in the shop window for the most prestigious and highest paying recruiters in the world.


MBA qualification helps those who want to change careers; it helps in understanding the model of business how to be runned? MBA is not just another degree to add to your cv but a learning experience which will stay for life.
Some of the points to keep in mind when selecting an MBA degree are: -


  • International reputation 
  • Reputation locally 
  • Flexibility and convenience 
  • Areas of specialization


A reputation internationally helps a student to migrate across countries, establish a high end network, Believe me, when I say this that is what differentiates a local MBA university and an internationally recognised one is the network of peers. The peers who tend to give you an exposure of different cities across world, give you the insights of different markets and avenues to opt for. The peers with whom you could partner and create a venture of your own, giving your ideas a right channel to be invested in. You would be having a class of say 200 coming from around 40 countries, this surely gives you a different prospective about businesses across globe.


Don't just join a b-school because it's ranked no 1. The question is would you survive there? Have you been before hand in such environment where you can cope up pressure? The word slogging would be very much known to readers if they have already passed out from this rigorous study or else please do find the correct meaning of the word slogging from the dictionary because it would be a very important one for the next phase of life. If you are doing MBA in say U.K being 1 year or U.S being 2 years generally, you will have work on 24/7 basis so again the flexibility tends to play a pivotal role.


Return on investment should be a criterion that has to be kept in mind while applying to different universities. Check out the alumni's try questioning them, see how the university has placed their students, you should look at a career benefit and your own uplifment in regards with intellectual and peer growth.


Area of Specialisation has to be kept in mind when searching for MBA. A university might be ranked 1 but that doesn't mean your area of specialisation is taught best there. An example would be if you opt for finance than Wharton (Univ of Pennsylvania) is the best but if you think marketing is what you love than London Business School is where you would like to go. Try to understand which university offers what course best for you.
Quality of faculty is again a very important aspect to consider. Try to search out faculty research in giving to the industry original research influences the prestige it acquires in the industry.






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sunil on 11/13/10 at 01:11 pm

Their are a lot of things to kept in mind while doing MBA at abroad... First of all the institutions which we choose, their fees structure, environment etc.. The area of specialization is different from us........ We have to incur huge investment...

Ranjith on 01/05/11 at 06:53 pm

Sir im most confusing in this occassion i want know admmissions based upon gmat so plz send me reply

HarvardMBA on 01/12/11 at 03:55 pm

Its Marketing then its NorthWestern Kellogg not LBS.. LBS is very strong in Finance competing with Booth and Wharton.

HarvardMBA on 01/12/11 at 04:11 pm

for Marketing its not LBS but Northwestern Kellogg. LBS is equally a great finance school like Wharton or Booth or Columbia.