Is Forty Too Old to Get Your MBA?

 | August 20,2010 02:14 pm IST

Eight per cent of Indian respondents to a recent QS Applicant Survey have ten or more years of experience under their belt, but the market is still young, and more experienced professionals are deciding that the Executive MBA (EMBA) is necessary to gain the skills they need to lead a business.


In comparison to the 'regular' MBA programs, the EMBA programs are focused on the intricacies of senior management, often focusing on quantitative methods to strategize to meet goals. Further, the executive programs are tailored to the professional with a tight schedule - weekend classes are the norm.


Most EMBA programs are open only to those with extensive experience in the professional world. Many choices of courses exist, from 24-month programs to 18-month programs, to programs with specific focuses like global business. The Global Executive MBA at Duke focuses simply on this area through sending its students to 'Asia, South America, Europe and the United States with Internet-enabled distance learning allowing students to live and work from anywhere in the world,' in addition to offering conventional classes.


Take, for example, a forty-three year old IT manager who wants to make it to director status but doesn't quite have the organizational or analytical skills to pull it off. This is exactly what the EMBA is for. "The Executive MBA," says Nunzio Quacquarelli, Director of QS, the educational and career specialist network, "gives you the extra push you need to make it to boardroom prominence. Particularly, after gaining a number of years work experience, the EMBA is maybe the only thing that will give you what you need to reach your professional goals. Entering an EMBA program after forty presents you with a unique advantage over a 27 year-old with a lack of experience of business dilemmas and undeveloped management skills."


The Indian economy is developing rapidly, and accordingly, an exceptional number of trained analysts, consultants, managers, and so-on, are needed. With the right amount of work experience and an excellent business education, it would be difficult not to find your way to the position you want.