GD Topic: Is India a soft state when it comes to handling with Pakistan

Editor - CoolAvenues | January 14,2013 12:01 am IST

Since 1947, relationship between India and Pakistan have remained troubled at best. Two countries which have fought three key wars and dozen of proxy wars have never seen eye to eye each other.

However after getting defeat in all direct wars and suffering humiliation at hand of India in 1971, which led to surrender to 90,000 soldiers and breaking of Pakistan into Bangaldesh and Pakisatan, Pakistan had adopted a different military doctrine also known as death by 1000 cuts where it encourage non state actors to wage war against India on various fronts without directly engaging in direct confrontation.

26/11 attacks in Mumbai were largely attributed to Pakistan and now in latest scenario, pakistani soldiers have beheaded two Indian Soliders who were patrolling at J&K border, however contrary to expectations from majority of Indians, Manmohan Singh govt has not given much importance to skirmishes and has continued to engage diplomatically with Pakisatn Govt as it had done earlier. Post 26/11 when majority of people were in favor of doing a cleaning exercise, Manmoahn Singh chose to pressurize Pakistan through diplomatic means.
So the big issues is if India is a soft state or it is too much busy in its own affairs that It lacks conviction to take a determined action against Pakistan or giving a knee jerk reaction is not the solution given the fact that both Nations are fully armed to teeth including nuclear missiles and hence by responding in a mature way, India is saving South Asia region from probability of a nuclear war!!

So what shall be the path taken by India govt? Share your opinion NOW!!!


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