GD Topic: Will government's Lokpal Bill reduce corruption?

 | December 28,2011 11:54 am IST

The Congress-led UPA government faces a litmus test in getting the controversial Lokpal Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha after it was approved with a voice vote following a day-long debate in Parliament yesterday.


In an interesting turn of events, the government has now decided to introduce the Lokpal Bill in the Upper House tomorrow, which was earlier scheduled to be tabled today.


Confirming the development, MoS in PMO, V Narayanasamy said, “The Lokpal Bill will be tabled in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow. The Congress party is concerned about the fate of the bill and is determined to get the same passed in the Upper House.”


Do you think that government’s Lokpal Bill will reduce corruption?
Post your views as comments.





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Keshav on 12/28/11 at 12:11 pm

This is quiet disappointing to see how selfish our politicians are. had it been a bill favoring them, it would have been passed without any delay. it took about one year for lok sabha to pass lokpal bill, that too a weak bill. i feel that the lokpal will become another agency of corruption

Abhinav on 12/28/11 at 02:37 pm

Yes Keshav, The lokpal bill passed by UPA government is just going to double the corruption effect.

Now we can just pray to God to save India...

santosh tiwari on 01/02/12 at 12:35 am

lokpal will may or may not be consider coz why the govt. is not including all the people who is born in india, why they left others to watch.. i think each & every person of india should be include in this lokpal bill.