Group Discussion Topic: Is India still a 'Golden Sparrow'?

 | July 06,2011 03:20 pm IST

India has traditionally been a rich country with treasures of gold and other valuables. This is why it has been invaded time and again with the intention to plunder this wealth.

It would have been one of the richest countries of the world had it not been attacked by invaders time and again.


The treasure trove of gold, diamonds and precious stones hidden for more than 150 years was discovered in the underground chambers of a temple in Kerala. News agency Reuters have reported, the search team's finds included a four-feet-tall gold statue studded with emeralds, 15-feet-long gold necklaces and jewel-encrusted crowns. The estimated value of the hoard is 750 billion rupees ($17 billion), but officials said they were yet to assess the findings.


However, according to a latest report published by Hindustan Times, treasure estimated at over Rs 1 lakh crore has been found in five of the six chambers of the 16th century temple that have been opened so far on the instructions of the Supreme Court after a local lawyer alleged poor security and mismanagement by the trust that runs the temple.


Earlier last month, large amount of wealth was found in the personal chambers of Sathya Sai, when opened after two months of his death.


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Guest on 07/07/11 at 12:11 pm

Certainly India is not great now. As Gurazada Apparao already told (,
"A country is not made of land; a country is made of its people". Where are such people now a days ??. According to media and internet is what makes them rich is the NEWS. What they want is how to fill their stomach by filling junk and floating junk news.

Ratan tata is devotee of sathya sai. He opened sathya sai vidhya vahini which provide education to poor. Look at those people who has really influenced by the DIVINE and keeping the humanity up to the mark.

Nobody does good work. It is okay. But at least they should have sense in presenting good stuff to the world.
One question comes in my mind is all those figures which are found in sai ashram are meant to do good work. Where devotees were never forced or asked for donations.
Encourage good and if it is not possible then keep all holes shut.
This is not Gandhi age to show other check if somebody his on one. Especially for those who are really trying to do good to society.

Prisha on 07/14/11 at 12:03 pm

yes India is still a golden sparrow, i can say this confidently after watching the kind of wealth found in these two temples. there may be more such

rajputakash15_1 on 07/18/11 at 10:11 am

India is a trapped golden Sparrow. Mostly all its money is now kept hidden in Swiss bank accounts and in temples.

Sonam on 01/14/12 at 01:25 pm

Yes India is still a golden sparrow but what is lacking is the uniformity in distribution of the wealth India has.

saurabh kakkar on 01/15/12 at 01:44 pm

yes we can call India a golden sparrow an enormous amount treasure was carried by india in decades. but that time it was attacked by british invaders.and now India is attacked by is own the "indian govt"...