Group Discussion Topic: Mamata Banerjee's Invitation to Tata?

 | May 21,2011 11:30 am IST

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has invited the Tatas to set up any factory on 600 acres at Singur, in the plot that has been chartered to them by the West Bengal government. The decision came out as the first one of her maiden Cabinet meeting after she stepped into Writers' Buildings on Friday, as West Bengal’s first female Chief Minister.


Remember, this is the same Mamamta Banerjee who extended political support to the farmers whose land was acquired and was handed over to Tata, to set up Tata Nano plant in Singur. Her "Save Farmland" movement was supported by environmental activists like Medha Patkar, Anuradha Talwar and Arundhati Roy. Banerjee's movement against displacement of farmers was also supported by several Kolkata based thinkers like Aparna Sen, Kaushik Sen, Shaonli Mitra and Suvaprasanna.


Ultra left activists also shared the platform with Banerjee's Trinamool Party. The Tatas finally moved out of Singur on 3 October 2008. Ratan Tata blamed violence by Banerjee and her supporters for the pullout decision.


Surely, Mamata Banerjee’s decision on inviting Tata in her first cabinet meeting itself is quiet indigestible, as she was the one responsible for their pullout in 2008 from Singur.


What is her strategy? Will she be able to deliver better governance in West Bengal?


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