Group Discussion Topic: Social Media- Good or Bad?

 | February 24,2013 09:08 am IST

A recent study said that people spend more than five and a half hours on an average on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They have become part and parcel of our daily lives.

The social networking sites are used to stay connected with friends, share pictures, exchange ideas and so on.


These sites work by sharing information with others: but how much information do we want to share? With how many people would you actually share information so personal? Most of the people have hundreds of friends, but do they actually know each other? Hardly they do.


Most of our friends on social networking sites are those whom we have met once or twice (in some cases complete strangers). But do we even think once while updating our status or while uploading pics or may be commenting on other’s pics, that those strangers must be watching.


Would you tell a stranger where you were last night and with whom? Probably not, but when you use these social networking sites you could be doing just that unless you limit your post views to certain people.

Don’t you think using social networking platforms we are letting people encroach our private space?

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priya-sharma on 06/07/11 at 02:07 pm

I think Social networking has become a showoff platform where people share their updates that what they had in dinner or how they dressed in any party they have recently attended. Many use this for showing affection to their life partners or would be life partners.

Do you think anyone should share their personal info at social networking sites?

simsinghal.9 on 06/16/11 at 01:13 am

In my openion's era is all about technology lyk Internet...we have many social n/wing sites like..orkut, facebook, Twitter....etc.As the coin has 2 sides , similarly i will say Social netwrking sites provide various positive things as well as negative things u can srch any of ur frnd ....u can share ur pictures, videos with ur frnds......u can dowlaod any required documnt available in sites....but instead of many of users are misusing it...I wud like to justify this by giving an exmple...suppose any person captures a photo or a video of another person tht may b in compromising position....and upload it...then by this the future of tht prticulr person ll b spoiled...We see today school students r using social netwrking sites as a drug...they cant live without knowing any updates... And one point i wud lyk to add.....evry profile in fb or twittr is not a real one...its generally a fake one...So in my View ...every1 shuld use these n/wing sites up to a prticular limit....U shuld nt loose ur concentration from ur studies with it becoz its only a way of passing tym...n plz dont share too much abt u ...

supriyasingh05 on 06/21/11 at 07:36 pm

in my opinion use of social networking site should be taken positively as on one face of coin it helps us to connect to our good but forgotten friend,but on other side is time cvonsuming too and specially for new generation who spend thier more than half time on these sites.