Group Discussion Topic: Will Google+ surpass Facebook's popularity?

 | June 29,2011 12:42 pm IST

Google Inc, frustrated by a string of failed attempts to crack social networking, is taking another stab at fending off Facebook and other hot social sites with a new service called Google Plus, Economic Times reported Wednesday.


To set its service apart from Facebook, which has more than 500 million users, Google is betting on what it says is a better approach to privacy, a hot-button issue that has hampered Facebook, as well as Google, in the past.


The main features of Google Plus are so-called "circles" of friends and acquaintances. Users can organize contacts into different customized circles—family members, co-workers or college friends, and share photos, videos or other information only within those groups.


Do you think Google+ will be able to take on Facebook?

Aren’t relationships becoming virtual with too much of online social networking?


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Priti on 06/29/11 at 02:22 pm

when Orkut came nobody knew that it will fall to its feet one day...very soon it became a buzz word, everybody creating an Orkut account...then came Facebook and people went crazy about it forgetting the oldie sweetheart orkut...
it is now Google+ boasting of improved features, let us see what future has in bag for Facebook...but according to me users today are not that loyal to stick to a particular brand or name, all they want is best of the best if Google+ is really something great, its ringing alarms for Facebook, the social networking giant