Group Discussion topic of the day "Cricket is not just a game for Indians"

 | March 30,2011 01:00 pm IST

Cricket is not just a game but a religion in India and passion runs high when it is between India and Pakistan. And it is India- Pakistan yet again on the cricket battle ground at Mohali to play an important game which will knock out one of the teams from World Cup 2011.


The cricket fever is high whenever it is India v/s Pakistan. For many cricket fans and for those who only watch the game when these two countries are on the ground, winning this one match is something more important than winning the World Cup, as for them it is the real victory.


You switch to any of the news channels and you will know how desperate the commoners are for India to win. Many companies have announced half day holiday, while others have turned workplace into an entertainment zone with big screens—all to witness India’s victory over Pakistan.


A primary school in Khaleebabad, 300 kms from Lucknow has been conducting extra classes after school hours for several weeks now, not for some extra lessons on mathematics or science, but to pray for India’s victory in the World Cup. In another instance, 11 students from a school sported cricketers’ masks and performed 11 yajnas for India’s victory.





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Rohit goyal on 04/18/11 at 12:09 pm

dear sir

it is absolutely r8 winning match frm pakistan is more imp den winning world cup ...every single man, womens, child on a road for d celebration ppl caught in a trafic for hours ..........ppl r so desperate ...

shyma on 05/22/11 at 07:04 pm

although criket has become a mania for people but its really saddening that in its publicity and marketing the national game of india hockey is forgotten . too much of anything is not good.