Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi : Who is better PM candidate for 2014

Editor - CoolAvenues | February 08,2013 10:17 am IST

Recent visit by Gujarat Chief minister to SRCC college in Delhi again sent mercury rising in Indian political circle about Narendra Modi as PM candidature for BJP. Narendra Modi also known as NaMo in twitter circles has proved his political mettle by winning three elections at Gujarat and is known as able administrator who has been able to connect with all classes be it youth, rural people or suave urban class or internet hindus.

On other side, Rahul Gandhi is being projected to be next PM candidate from congress after being elevated to VP position in last congress chintan baithak. Rahul though yet to be proved though tested many times is young, full of ideas and present hope to all religions contrary to Shri Narendra Modi who is considered to be very divisive by lot of political analysts and is allleged to be responsible by his detractors for Gujarat riots in 2002 due to its inept handling.

Hence at one end of possible PM candidature is Narendra Modi - the suave politician with a enviable administrative record but with a divisive personality and alleged blot of 2002 riots and on other end is Rahul Gandhi, the reluctant candidate who has been imposed from top but is seen by majority of congress party workers as its last hope. Rahul is young, inexperienced but has politics running in his blood and is not divisive and is quite neutral in his approach. Will Rahul Gandhi be like Ratan Tata or be an abject failure

So who is better candidate ?


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